Meet the new staff at Hayes

A new school year means new teachers and staff to the Hayes community.

Kristen Smith, Visual Content Editor

Meet the new staff

Haleigh Blanchard
Haleigh Blanchard is an Educational Assistant at Hayes this year. (Kristen Smith)

1. Haleigh Blanchard

Educational Assistant

  • Looking forward to: Being in the building all the time
  • College: Currently attending Capital University
  • Favorite activities: Hanging out with friends, exploring Columbus and Delaware, and watching Netflix
  • House: Ridge
  • Sports played in high school: Track and cheer
  • Favorite high school memory: Senior year pep rally at 4:00 a.m.


Christi Brown
Christi Brown is a Special Education Aide this year at Hayes. (Kristen Smith)

2. Christi Brown

Special Education Aide

  • Looking forward to: Getting to know students
  • College: Columbus State Community College
  • Favorite activities: Camping, hiking, and being with family
  • House: Sugar Grove
  • Sports played in high school: Skiing
  • Favorite high school memory: Playing senior tag and going to school dances

Abby Goerke
Abby Goerke is a Job Transition Coordinator at Hayes this year. (Kristen Smith)

3. Abby Goerke

Job Transition Coordinator

  • Looking forward to: Helping students find jobs
  • College: The Ohio State University and University of Toledo
  • Favorite activities: Hiking and tennis
  • House: Houk
  • Sports played in high school: Marching band
  • Favorite high school memory: Marching band


Josh Hill
Josh Hill is a math teacher at Hayes this year. (Kristen Smith)

4. Josh Hill

Math teacher

  • Looking forward to: Getting to be a bigger part of house, meeting new students, and giving back to the community
  • College: Bowling Green State University
  • Favorite activities: Playing video games, running and lifting, and reading
  • House: Fulton Creek
  • Sports played in high school: Lacrosse and marching band
  • Favorite high school memory: Getting to spend time in Ms. Uppstrom’s class senior year


Garrett Iben
Garrett Eiben is a science teacher at Hayes this year. (Kristen Smith)

5. Garrett Eiben

Science teacher

  • Looking forward to: Teaching, seeing kids, hopefully winning OCC for swimming
  • College: The Ohio State University
  • Favorite activities: Walking the dogs name Maggie and Whiskey, exploring Columbus with his wife
  • House: Steamtown
  • Sports played in high school: Swimming
Abby Jones
Abbey Jones is a full-time substitute at Hayes this year. (Kristen Smith)

6. Abbey Jones

Full-Time Substitute

  • Looking forward to: Getting to work with high schoolers
  • College: Kent State University
  • Favorite activities:  Painting, drawing, decorating, traveling, going to Disney with the Talisman
  • House: Houk
  • Sports played in high school: Volleyball
  • High school memory: Interviewing Jim Tressel and getting things signed by him for her grandparents
Ian Tumey
Ian Tumey is an intervention specialist at Hayes this year. (Kristen Smith)

7. Ian Tumey

Intervention Specialist

  • Looking forward to: Being in a new building, meeting new kids, building new relationships
  • College: The Ohio State University and University of Cincinnati
  • Favorite activities: Coaching basketball and baseball, playing golf, playing video games, hanging out with friends and family
  • House: Fulton Creek
  • Sports played in high school: Football, basketball, baseball
  • Favorite high school memory: Washington D.C. trip freshman and senior year
Michelle Vincenzo
Michelle Vincenzo is an intervention specialist at Hayes this year. (Kristen Smith)

8. Michelle Vincenzo

Intervention Specialist

  • Looking forward to: Becoming apart of the Hayes community
  • College: Kent State University
  • Favorite activities: Watching sports, going to concerts, reading, walking her dog
  • House: Prospect Hill
  • Sports played in high school: Basketball, softball, cross country
  • Favorite high school memory: Beating rival team in basketball senior year and winning the conference
Ryan Wallace
Ryan Wallace is a math teacher at Hayes this year. (Kristen Smith)

9. Ryan Wallace

Math teacher

  • Looking forward to: Being part of the school’s culture
  • College: Oral Roberts University
  • Favorite activities: Tennis, baseball with his kids, playing SuperSmash Bros
  • House: Fulton Creek
  • Sports played in high school: Tennis, basketball, baseball
  • Favorite high school memory: Having a winning season in basketball senior year