Seniors share their college application process


Amanda Booth

Common App is a way students can apply to over 900 colleges.

Amanda Booth, Staff Writer & Photographer

For the past few months, students have been preparing, writing and searching for the best college for them. There are different reasons students might choose to attend certain colleges; maybe it’s the location, education or student body, but each student has to do one thing before they attend college – apply.

Common struggles

When applying to college, students have different struggles. Maybe it’s the essay, the timeline or the requirements of each college.
“[The essay] takes a long time to write if you’re not used to writing and there’s a lot of pressure, so you have to get it right or you won’t get accepted,” senior Meg Wallace said.
Senior Morgan Connar is applying to Bowling Green as an education major.
“I think a lot of people struggle with the essay that you have to write just because the topics are so broad and it’s such a short word count that it’s hard to just fit all your words into one short essay,” Connar said.
Another common struggle for students applying is the application process.
“I think one issue is trying to find out each school’s requirements because they all vary,” senior Katie Connell said. “Like supplemental essays for some schools and each school asks their own questions.”

Application process

Students throughout Hayes have been applying to college through Common App.
“Common App is one application that they can complete for over 900 different colleges,” College and Career Counselor Jennifer Pollard said.
Most students apply on the Common App, but there are other steps needed before completing the application process as well.
“The Common App application on the website, that’s how you actually apply,” Pollard said. “SchoolLinks is how you’re requesting letters of recommendation and your transcript being sent to colleges. And then the other piece of that is completing the FAFSA form, which is your financial aid form.”
Pollard offers a class called Introduction to College Admissions to seniors to help with the process.
“I did Mrs. Pollard’s college admissions class. We started writing a resumé and that helped us fill out the Common App,” senior Natalie Homan said.
Applying to college might be difficult, but students and staff are willing to help. With the college application season almost over, the school always has resources available for students needing extra help if needed.