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The Student News Organization for Rutherford B. Hayes High School

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The Student News Organization for Rutherford B. Hayes High School

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The first Boeing 737 Max 9 soars through the sky during its maiden flight. Recently, Boeing and its Max line of aircraft have come under increasing scrutiny as incidents keep occurring.

Boeing and Corporate Ignorance

Brody Counts, Staff Writer March 19, 2024

If it ain’t Boeing, I ain’t going: A line often tied with the success of the Boeing 707 that happened to be so catchy it stuck around for the next 66 years. However, Boeing isn’t the shining company...

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Two people holding  hands in the hallways of the school.

Opinion: Schools are meant for educating, not kissing

Mia Saksa, News/Features Section Editor March 11, 2024

A school's definition is “​​an institution for educating children.” What school isn’t is a place for partners to show physical affection while other students are trying to get their work done. A...

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Gypsy-Rose sending out her message on Facebook that revealed her mothers death.

Opinion: Gypsy-Rose, the media’s favorite former inmate

Abby Stahl, Website & Social Media February 29, 2024

Gypsy-Rose Blanchard-Anderson has been social media’s prize possession since December 2023, people just can’t get enough of her. Some have just assumed she was easily going to step into the light of...

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The new FAFSAs rollout issues caused more than headaches for both students and institutions.

Opinion: How the new FAFSA fumbled

Grace Metz, Editor-In-Chief February 23, 2024

For seniors planning on attending college, this was a tumultuous past year filled with campus visits, essay writing and stressing over GPAs. Finally, the 2024 college application cycle is winding down,...

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Third party candidates often receive less attention than other major players. Historically, only a few third party candidates have gained major attention.

Opinion: Roosevelt, Perot and Kennedy: Third Wheeling America

Brody Counts, Staff Writer February 15, 2024

Theodore Roosevelt, twice elected under the Republican Party, then running against them as a Bull Moose. Ross Perot, Texan Billionaire and founder of the Reform Party. Robert Kennedy Jr., the 2024 candidate...

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School makes it nearly impossible for students to create art due to testing, lack of self expression opportunities and burnout.

Opinion: School is a killer of students’ creativity

Natalie Heckert, Staff Writer February 13, 2024

Creativity is extremely important inside the classroom and out. This decreasingly common trait generates motivation which can help struggling students focus on their work and is a crucial skill for future...

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The Ohio Statehouse shines in the sun amid the Ohio Senate voting to overrule Governor Dewines veto.

Opinion: Ohio lawmakers are wasting your time attacking transgender youth instead of creating meaningful legislation

Josie Morrow, Views/Entertainment Section Editor February 13, 2024

Ohio House Representative Gary Click punches his fists into the air, a smile spreading across his face as the bill he primarily sponsored overrides Governor DeWine’s veto. The journey to reach this point...

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Phoebe Morrow, a shelter cat, was adopted from the Delaware Humane Society by senior Josie Morrow.

Opinion: Adopt, don’t shop

Nick Kennedy, Broadcaster February 2, 2024

In the U.S., approximately 530,000 cats live and die in shelters every year. However, this number could be decreased drastically if people choose to adopt from shelters instead of promoting the use of...

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Women march for equality on the streets of Washington D.C. in 1970.

Opinion: Transgender women have biological advantage over cisgender women in sports

Mia Saksa, News/Features Section Editor February 2, 2024

The reoccurring issue of transgender women competing with cisgender women is more pertinent than ever with House Bill 68 being brought into discussion. The issue goes farther than House Bill 68, touching...

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Rails streak towards a city far in the distance. Columbus is now the largest city without a rail service in the US.

Opinion: Columbus’s Derailment and How to Fix It

Brody Counts, Staff Writer January 22, 2024

Opinion: Columbus’s derailment and how it can get back on track From 1901 to 1933, travel between Columbus and Delaware couldn’t have been simpler. Travelers looking to traverse the 31 miles between...

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Matt Rife performs his comedy special Matt Rife: Natural Selection.

Opinion: But seriously, Matt Rife isn’t that funny

Josie Morrow, Views/Entertainment Section Editor January 9, 2024

On November 15, Matt Rife released his first comedy special on Netflix titled “Matt Rife: Natural Selection.” However, the special has been met with sub-par reviews and online discourse was quickly...

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The different struggles of being in sports.

Opinion: Sports need to be more accessible

Natalie Heckert, Staff Writer January 5, 2024

Sports require a lot of resources. Some of these are obvious like practice space and equipment but others are more overlooked like the time, money and overall commitment needed. Sports also require a...

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