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The Student News Organization for Rutherford B. Hayes High School

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The Student News Organization for Rutherford B. Hayes High School

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Many students at Hayes have been criticizing the new mastery grading system in hopes of bringing back traditional letter grades.

Mastery Misinformation: this system needs to go

Emily Little, Staff Writer December 6, 2023

Hayes has introduced the Mastery grading system to students and teachers over the past few years and one thing is clear: the idea is perfect on paper, but inefficient and unproductive in the classroom. The...

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College Board’s history of inaccessibility to districts serving majority minority schools continues to permeate today’s AP classes.

Opinion: AP classes are built for the white and wealthy

Grace Metz, Editor-In-Chief November 28, 2023

From finances to academic standing, college preparedness is often at the top of high school students’ list of priorities. College Board's Advanced Placement classes intend to bridge the gap between...

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Issue one signs sit in front yards around Ohio as the November 7th election approaches.

2023 Voter Opinion: An extreme abortion ban in Ohio will worsen access to maternal healthcare—not limit abortions

Josie Morrow, Views/Entertainment Section Editor November 7, 2023

As winter looms in Ohio, election season is heating up and with it comes the most important ballot issue of the past decade — Issue One. Issue One, if approved, would create the constitutional right...

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TikTok isnt all what the internet claims it to be. It has its negative sides but there are also a lot of benefits that come from the app.

Opinion: TikTok does more good than bad; people need to calm down

Mia Saksa, News/Features Section Editor November 2, 2023

TikTok took off in 2016, taking over the video making app Since then, TikTok has been a primary news source for young people. Users of the app get to come up with short content videos. It is...

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A Chrysler Turbine sits on display next to a faux car model during the 1964 World Fair. The Turbine was the most famous product of Chryslers turbine program.

The genius of Chrysler: Why it failed, and why it could’ve worked

Brody Counts, Staff Writer November 1, 2023

On May 14, 1963, a radical new car hit the roadways of the United States. It didn’t have a rumbling engine, nor did it have to exclusively run on one fuel type, and best of all, drivers never needed...

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The rise of ChatGPT is one of the newest developments in the race for AI advancement.

Opinion: AI won’t end the world

Grace Metz, Editor-In-Chief October 21, 2023

Luddites and the industrial revolution, cars and equestrians, phones and baby boomers—technology and humanity have historically been at odds. Most recently, increasingly advanced artificial intelligence...

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Unions strike across America for better wages and working conditions.

Opinion: With America on strike, union workers are taking back power from predatory corporations

Josie Morrow, Views/Entertainment Section Editor October 14, 2023

It feels like everywhere you look today another union is going on strike: from healthcare workers to baristas, to car manufacturers and even Hollywood actors. American unions are organizing in unprecedented...

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Senior Braley Howey uses the new E-Hallpass system to go to the office during a class period.

Opinion: E-Hallpasses aren’t as great as they seem

Natalie Heckert, Staff Writer October 7, 2023

E-Hallpasses are really convenient! Until the WiFi goes out, or there’s a class with no service, or Clever shuts down, or there’s a few too many people out in the halls already. Frankly, there are...

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The Republican Party grasps for support from Gen-Z voters.

Opinion: The Republican party is failing to engage Gen-Z voters

Josie Morrow, Views/Entertainment Section Editor September 28, 2023

Vivek Ramaswamy, a Republican presidential candidate, galivants across an Iowa State Fair stage mumbling the lyrics of Eminem's "Lose Yourself" with a rictus grin across his face. Such an exhibition is...

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President Joe Biden in the form of the Dark Brandon meme (left) next to a picture of former President Ronald Reagan (right). Bidens new economic plan aims to undo much of Reagans Reaganomics policies.

Reaganomics: Why we’re still picking up the pieces

Grace Metz, Editor-In-Chief September 5, 2023

It is hard to believe that the America of the 1980s was a time of prosperity, blossoming government programs aiding the working class and overall economic growth. It is hard to believe because it wasn’t. At...

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WGA union members hold the picket line on a sunny day in Los Angeles, California.

Editorial: Our stance on the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes

Staff Editorial August 18, 2023

As the summer box office season wraps up and the movies we’ve seen become fleeting but fond memories, The Talisman asks you to consider the people behind the screen. The writers, editors, actors and...

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The hypocrisy in much of conservative media is interconnected between different pundits all working toward the same goal of spreading disinformation.

Revealing the hypocrisy: Tucker Carlson, Steven Crowder, and the influence of toxic media figures

Josie Morrow, Views/Entertainment Section Editor May 26, 2023

In the world of conservative media, few figures have commanded as much attention and influence as Tucker Carlson and Steven Crowder. With their vast platforms and dedicated followings, they have shaped...

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