The Talisman


How do I get involved with The Talisman?

Take Intro to Journalism or Sophomore Journalism as your English class – sooner in your high school education rather than later.  Then, you will become eligible to apply for the Talisman staff the following year.  Returning staff members are eligible for editor spots on the staff.


I found an error – how do I tell you about it?

We try our best to verify content and produce work that is practically perfect in every way.  However, sometimes mistakes happen. The best way to tell us about any error is to contact us via email.  Send us an email at [email protected] and we will try to get it updated for you.


Does the print edition still exist?

For the 2020-2021 school year, we decided to nix the print publication in order to make sure that we were utilizing our limited time and resources (because of Covid-19 conerns) in the best way possible. Whether to return to having a print publication at any level in the coming year has yet to be decided.


I commented on a story but can’t see it. Why not? 

We love to hear what you think!  However, because we feel strongly that online comments can get out of hand really quickly (take a look at any viral Twitter post to see what we mean), we screen all comments prior to allowing them to show.  As long as it’s clear that you aren’t a robot and you meet some minimum expectations for human decency, we will likely approve your comment and you’ll see it soon.


Who sees the content that you post on the website? 

Hopefully a lot of people. We get several thousand page hits each month, and as we continue to grow our social media presence, that number just continues to increase.  The primary audience for our website will always be the students at RB Hayes High School – after all, this is a student publication first and foremost.  However, we also get feedback from staff members in DCS, Delaware community members, Hayes alumni and even the occasional stranger who just stumbles across our site on the Internet.

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