Ways you can clean your house and the environment this spring


Amber Carver, Staff Writer

The smell of spring is in the air, which means it’s time for people to break out the dust pans and scrub brushes as they embark upon the time-honored tradition of spring cleaning.
Spring is the perfect time for people to seek a fresh start, one free from all the dirt and grime that often gets overlooked in their busy lives. As people begin to cleanse their minds of stress and clutter, they will do the same to their homes.
While this can be therapeutic for a lot of people, it certainly doesn’t have the same effect on the environment. This is precisely why it’s time to spring into action and clean not only our homes, but also our planet. Every little act of eco-friendliness makes a world of difference.
One major drawback to spring cleaning is the massive push to get rid of junk and clutter that’s lying around the house. As the old saying goes, out with the old and in with the new. Unfortunately, a good portion of these items end up in landfills, causing many environmental issues.
Before trashing those old kids toys, or that well-loved end table, consider donating them to a charity shop, like Goodwill. People can even earn extra money by having a yard sale as well. It’s the perfect idea to put money in your pockets and keep more junk out of landfills.
If people aren’t quite ready to see their beloved items go to a new home, they could also consider repurposing them through a process called upcycling. This is an excellent way to breathe new life into old possessions.
When tackling the toughest of stains in bathrooms or kitchens, remember that cleaning waste, like paper towels or cleaning bottles, is often disposed of in plastic bags, which can cause problems for landfills, as well as wildlife.
Cut back on the amount getting thrown away by simply making or buying reusable cleaning rags. When looking at plastic bottles from cleaning products, try making your own cleaner and putting it in glass cleaning bottles, or reusable plastic ones. This may even save you some money in the long run.
Speaking of cleaning products, it’s always a great idea to steer clear from cleaning products that are toxic, or non-biodegradable.
Spring cleaning may also be the time people choose to take on some small household projects. If a light bulb needs to be changed, consider switching to an energy-efficient bulb to make both the home and the environment seem a little brighter.
Indoor air pollution levels have been climbing as of recently too. This means that it’s the perfect time for people to introduce some new plants into their homes. There are all sorts of unique plants that can boost the mood and the air quality of peoples’ living spaces.
Remember, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore. It’s a great opportunity for people to blast their favorite music and take a break from life’s usual challenges to do something for themselves, as well as the environment.