Seniors commit to colleges for athletics


Madison Desmond

Hayes athletes prepare to sign to their colleges for sports.

Mason Desmond, Staff Writer

The school year for seniors is coming to an end, and many have already chosen what college they will attend. Some have chosen to continue their athletic careers and commit to a college for sports.
“It feels good to play at the next level,” Findlay soccer commit Peyton Fowler said. “I’m going to play with people who all have the same love for the sport that I do as well.”
This year, the football team had seven players commit to colleges to continue athletics. Six of the players went on to continue to play football.
“For any coach, it is exciting when your players have the opportunity to continue their academic and athletic career at the next level,” head football coach Ryan Montgomery said. “It makes me so happy to see all of our players in the program realize this goal or dream, especially knowing how much they poured into the program.”
Getting to the next level is not an easy task and it takes a lot of dedication to prove that an athlete is capable of playing in college.
“I will say the journey was for sure difficult,” Akron women’s lacrosse commit Presley Call said. ”But that was a given when I decided I wanted to play at the next level. Training even more on days I don’t have practices, off-season work, summer tournaments, and winter leagues all play into how tough my journey was.”
The commits are eager for the start of their season, as the college atmosphere will be completely different from what high school was like for them.
“I definitely look forward to meeting new people in a new environment,” Call said. “I’m excited to create new friendships and bonds. As well as being on my own, it’ll for sure be hard at first but I think I will get the hang of it pretty quickly.”
These players have worked hard to get to where they are today, and now they can continue to compete at a more competitive level against other colleges.
“This has always been my dream to play college soccer since I was a little kid,” Fowler said. “I’m glad I’m making my younger self proud.”