House Games wraps up 2022-2023 House competition


Amanda Booth

Prospect Hill students celebrate during the dodgeball competition on House Games Day, May 12.

Amanda Booth, Staff Writer & Photographer

Since the 2023 school year is coming to a close, that means that another House Games has concluded. Many students were preparing and competing for their House to gain points towards the Koogler Cup.

What is house?

The House system was brought to Hayes by principal Ric Stranges and assistant principal Rex Reeder. There are 8 different Houses that students are randomly assigned to, to help establish friendships and to be with other students that they might not see throughout the day.
“The best thing about House is the sense of community that you have with this group of people that you’re with every day,” freshman Maddy Brinkman said.
With this, many teachers have their own reasoning on why they like House.
“I think it gives kids an opportunity to put themselves out there a little bit and experience [more] because it’s the greatest way to learn,” Steamtown House Dean Josh Lamb said.

House Games day

Throughout the day, there are different events that the students can choose from. There are 5 different sessions that they can compete in, and only students enrolled in House are able to sign up for events.
Events include the paper airplane challenge, tug of war, pottery throwdown and many more. There are many athletic-based events, but if someone doesn’t want to participate in those events, then they can compete in academic activities.
In early May, students sign up for these events to represent their House. For each event, the winning competitor gets 8 points for their House, down to 1 point for 8th place. At the end of the day, the House with the most points wins the Koogler Cup.
An example of an event during House Games is the cupcake challenge. During the challenge, students bring in cupcakes they made with a specific theme. They get judged based on presentation and taste compared to the other House’s cupcakes.
Even though students have the choice to compete in the games, many just watch them.
“It’s not that I don’t like [competing in games], I was just too lazy to sign up for any,” junior Sara Schiffel said.

Experiences in house

Many students have differing opinions on House. While some students enjoy it, some think that House is pointless.
“People that go into it with a negative attitude… aren’t going to enjoy it,” Brinkman said.
However, with students randomly assigned to each House, there are many different opportunities to meet new people, try different things and build relationships with teachers.
“[House is] about friendship and making new friends. Especially for freshmen coming in and not knowing anyone and randomly being put in classes,” senior Morgan Connar said. “You just get to know a lot of upperclassmen and make new friends.”

For the 2022-2023 school year, Steamtown took home the Koogler Cup for the fifth time in six years. Houk came in second place, and Ridge House finished in third place.