“IT” movie sequel doesn’t live up to the hype

Annie Long, Staff Writer

As we all know, scary movies are supposed to have you curled up in your seat, hands over your face, and trying not to dash for the door. However, “IT Chapter 2” did not deliver that experience. While it did have some spooks, overall, I think I laughed more than I got scared.

The movie was more of a suspense film rather than a thriller; I was just waiting for them to kill that clown. There were a lot of times when I thought to myself, “Is it still alive?” The movie was surprisingly good but, it definitely wasn’t what I was expecting for a thriller. 

Warner Bros.

 In the first movie, the plot follows around seven kids: Bill Denbrough, Ben Hanscom, Beverly Marsh, Richie Tozier, Mike Hanlon, Eddie Kaspbrak and Stanley Urnis. In their small town, kids are going missing and it’s not until Bill’s little brother, Georgie, goes missing that the group pays attention to what has taken place in town.

With the kids endlessly searching for Georgie, they all started to experience odd hallucinations. Reality seems altered, but the only thing these hallucinations have in common is the clown with the red balloon. After realizing that they have to kill this clown that’s been tormenting them, they come up with a plan to get “it” once and for all. They thought they succeeded and that the clown was gone, but just to be safe, they all made a promise that if it ever came back, they would all come back to Derry to actually get rid of it once and for all.

After 27 years, the kids have to come back together when kids start to go missing again in Derry. As adults they all had moved on and seemed to forget except for Mike, who stayed in town to keep a lookout for “it.” Mike reached out to the six others, and with each call, someone had been partially reminded of what they went through as kids.

As they all come together, old relationships start to form and new ones are revealed. Some broken with the loss of Stanley when he took his life when he got the news, he knew he wouldn’t be strong enough to help take it so he “eliminated” what he thought would be a problem.

Since Mike stayed in Derry, he had to get everyone up to speed and tell them what he had learned from his extensive research that he had done within the past 27 years.

Not everyone was on board right away. Richie and Eddie had planned on leaving as soon as Mike was done, but Ben had convinced everyone to stay. They took what they could remember from their experience as kids and expanded it, they went harder and more in depth and really planned on getting rid of “it.”

In order to take “it” down they had a hefty price to pay as some did not make it during the fight. With heavy hearts for their fallen friends the remaining five had conquered what they set out to do when they were just kids.

Overall, “IT Chapter 2” was an astonishing film, just not the kind of horror film that gives nightmares.