Marching to success: band breaks school record


Nylah Roberts

The band performs at the last football game of the season. The band finished their season with a variety of awards.

Harley Barnhart, Staff Writer

The Rutherford B. Hayes High School marching band has had a successful season performing their show, Oddly Enough. 

The show is composed of different concert band pieces and popular songs with odd numbers in the title.

“We won best overall percussion twice, best visual, best music, first place in our class and then grand champions overall,” band director Andy Doherty said. 

The marching band starts practice early on to make sure they are prepared for the season. 

 “July 1st is our first summer rehearsal, then we practice a couple times a week through July, then we do our camps which are nine to five and nine to nine,” Doherty said. 

Practice is important when trying to get a good score. Students have to work hard and be dedicated.

“The preparation is the most important thing,” percussion director Brandon Brown said. “I think really just holding everyone to a high standard and teaching them to hold themselves to that standard Is the most important thing.” 

The marching band also takes feedback and works it into their shows to make it the best that they can. 

“We do multiple contests a year, so we get feedback from the judges at one show and then we try to work in their feedback into the show for the next couple weeks. We just keep refining and repairing and adding things to the show every week,” Doherty said. 

This season, the marching band has broken the schools percussion record with a score of 9.6 out of 10. 

“I felt really proud of the percussion section because a lot of the people on drumline are on a new instrument from last year,” junior drumline member Marissa Dulay said.

The Students come to expect a lot from themselves in order to be successful during the marching band season. 

“I’ve been with Hayes for three years now and we cultivated this culture inside of the percussion ensemble,” Brown said. “Everybody just expects the most out of themselves and then that makes my job easier.”

Brown says that this year and last years percussionist are the best that the school has ever seen. 

“They’re highly mature, incredibly talented kids,” Brown said. 

The show has been fun for both the students performing and the directors. “Being on the field and performing is really fun because I get to it with people I like and everyone enjoys it,” Dulay said. 

Everyone has been working hard while having fun and enjoying their season.

“It’s been a really special year, it’s a really good group this year, everyone’s been working really hard, the show is very fun everyone likes performing it,” Doherty said.