Christmas a little early can’t hurt

Lily Lectka, Staff Writer

Christmas music shouldn’t just be listened to during the Christmas season; it should start right after Halloween.

Christmas music alone can make people feel happy and more joyful than it would rather spring and summer. A lot of the Christmas music talks about people coming together, family, presents and how it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Christmas movies start on Hallmark as soon as July. Watching movies with friends and family is a great way to get in the mood for Christmas.

Not only does music benefit the holiday season, but decorations do as well. The wide variety of bright colors all over makes for a exciting time. Exterior decoration is just as important so people driving by have something to look at.

When Christmas is nearing, lots of other people are rushing to get the Christmas lights up or get Christmas shopping done. It would just be a lot easier if people got all that stuff done earlier. No stress of last-minute bad presents, there’s time for thinking.

Often people worry about overlapping other holidays like Thanksgiving because it takes away from the reasoning behind Thanksgiving. Christmas music actually goes along to the same kind of things you do during Thanksgiving like being with family.

Christmas spirit should last all year. The giving, happiness and love. Christmas time makes one feel special or has the opportunity to make someone else feel special, and that kind of thing should last all year. 

Monica Rizzo