Black Friday shopping is disastrous

Jeremiah Hosack, Staff Writer

When people hear the words Black Friday they have one of the two mindsets. Either they can’t wait to go shopping or they can’t wait to stay inside for the whole day and enjoy the holiday break. Black Friday by some is considered a great day for getting deals on presents for Christmas time at a cheaper cost than usual. Although it may seem this way, to get these deals sometimes you may need to break 4 bones getting to them.

Black Friday shopping is a disaster every year waiting to blow up. The freezing temperatures and the people camping overnight just to get a spot in line for Black Friday are outrageous. There is no reason people should be camping outside in freezing temperatures on Thanksgiving night, fighting just to get twenty percent off of an Xbox. There is also no guarantee that you will get the item you are looking for, or you might have to fight someone for the item you want. Not to mention the employees that work at these stores get exhausted from the huge crowds of people and the stores get trashed.

The Black Friday deals that you see all around also just don’t go away at midnight the next day. Many of the deals stay for a day or two after Black Friday when there aren’t as many people. Some stores even start their Black Friday sales way before the actual day of Black Friday. There is no reason to wait all night for these deals in the cold and no guarantee that you will get your item when you can go to the store a couple of days after.

A way to avoid Black Friday shopping is to shop online. Many of the stores that run these Black Friday sales don’t exclusively run them in stores but also run them online. So instead of going into the store and fighting you can sit in the comfort of your home and get the same great deals. Ordering online can save a lot of money without having to go through the same struggles as going into the stores on Black Friday.

Black Friday can be a great day to save money on products but there are ways to avoid going in the store and getting stompled for a discount.