Dempsey’s production of Frozen Jr. gives audiences chills

Jackson Collins, Director of Visuals

Dempsey recently closed production on their winter show, the one and only Frozen Jr.

Since Disney released the rights to the show, middle and high school students can now recreate the magical film that will be remembered as a classic.

Frozen Jr. features all the most popular songs from the show , including “Let it Go”, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”, and more.

There are also a few new additions, including “Hygge”, a goofy tune that also appears in the Broadway version of the musical. 

However, there are also aspects that set it apart from the Broadway version besides ticket price. Typically in “junior” versions of shows, some songs are simply cut for time. But sometimes it can feel like it’s too much.

As someone who has seen an absurd amount of musicals, crummy YouTube bootleg or not, this show felt insanely short.

In hindsight, the length contributed to its appeal. The audience was packed with antsy children, which is a demographic that is not exactly known for their attention span.

Disney musicals can be tricky to pull off since so many people are familiar with the stories, but Dempsey’s talented cast and crew certainly did it justice.

While there were a few technical issues, which are to be expected from live theatre, it was very impressive for a middle school. Dempsey never fails to put on a fantastic show, and this was no exception.

Frozen Jr. was a fun experience and definitely made audiences eager to see Dempsey’s next show. But it does make the average viewer antsy to see Frozen 2.