You want a headline? Okay Boomer

Sarah Clemens, Website Content Manager

They use Facebook, we use TikTok. They’ll add extra meat, we’ll add avocado. They want plastic straws, we want metal straws. With all these differences and arguing between generations, the millennials have finally found a way to strike back with two simple words.

Jackson Collins “Okay, Boomer” is one of the most trending phrases of 2019. The phrase is mostly used to discredit those in the baby boomer generation when they try to criticize the younger generations.


“Okay, boomer.”

This trending phrase has gained a massive internet following and faced massive backlash across the generations.

The phrase originated on the social media app, Tiktok according to Vox, as a response to older people when they discredit young people’s behavior.

The baby boomer group includes anyone born between 1946 and 1964 while millennials include those born between 1980-1994 approximately. Those born roughly between 1995 and 2015 are in Gen Z and have largely contributed to popularizing the meme. 

“It’s just fun to come back at the boomers when they’re kind of mean to us,” sophomore self proclaimed memer Wesley Davey III said. “Some people think that they screwed up the Earth for us, that’s why they use ‘okay, Boomer,’ but I use it because it’s funny.”

The joke has many people laughing, but the media has blown up the whole ordeal with every news organization from CBS to Vox taking a stance on the issue. Headlines claiming why millenials are right or why the phrase is becoming a cultural movement plague newsfeeds. 

Bob Lonsberry, a conservative talk show radio host, even compared the term “boomer” to a derogatory slur saying it was “the n-word of ageism.” This gained the phrase even more attention by all age groups. 

Internet aside though, everyday people don’t seem to find too much controversy with what seems like just a simple phrase. 

“I think it’s fine,” junior Leila Bouziri said. “It’s just a trend that will die out soon.”

Even real life baby boomers agree that this is just a teen fad that will come and go. Assistant band director, Alan Notestine, believes that the phrase is fine. 

“[Those offended should] get over themselves,” Notestine said. “Truthfully, there’s a lot of other important stuff to get worried about.”

With it bearing so little cultural significance, people of all ages are left to wonder why “okay, boomer” is so popular. Though the media has tried using explanations about how this is about millennials striking back, the real answer is much simpler to those actually using the phrase. 

“I think as each generation ages, the previous labels will drop off the bottom,” Notestine explained. “Like we used to have [the silent generation] now it’s the baby boomers because we’re the older [generation].”
This turning on the preceding generation has already started with Gen Z members attacking Millennials. 

“Millennials kind of suck,” Davey commented. 

Whatever this conflict between the ages becomes, at least the boomers and millennials of Hayes see “okay, boomer” as just a joke that shouldn’t get out of hand.

“Okay boomer is epic,” Davey said.