Winter formal, is it really necessary?

Annie Long, Staff Writer

Prom and homecoming are the highlights of the school year. Fancy dresses, expensive dinners, the photo shoots and having the time of your life with your friends.

 I don’t see why there’s a need to overemphasize the idea of a dance with winter formal. 

Students spend so much of their time thinking about prom; What dress or tux to wear, how their makeup will be done and how to ask someone to this special dance.

Karl Edwards

Having multiple dances in one school year can ruin the excitement. It will be so overrun that getting ready for a dance won’t be special compared to other events.

The attendance rates of the winter formal aren’t nearly as large as prom or homecoming. The formal is more of a waste of time than a good time. Spending all the time and money on a winter formal seems just a bit pointless if it won’t pull a crowd. 

The money that would be spent on the winter formal could be used on something more worthwhile, or even just something that is useful. 

We could be making a better environment within the school rather than putting on a dance that no one cares about. The heating and air conditioning could be fixed instead. Having that fixed and in better working condition would be more beneficial to the student body. 

Not only does prom and homecoming excite students, but they tend to spend a lot of money on their attire and the night in general. For the dance, the school must sell tickets, and the money outpour doesn’t stop there. Students buy the outfits, the dinner, and even sometimes transportation to the dance. Not everyone is able to shell out even more money for yet another dance, but no one wants to be left out of the fun.

Winter formal is more of a dance held in middle school anyways. Students look forward to getting to high school to ditch the small talk of winter formal, and instead start to look forward to things like prom and homecoming.

  In the long run, putting the money that would be spent on the winter formal would be better used for making the school a better place for the enjoyment of students.