Conversation heart candies deserve more love in return

Brynn McGrail, Managing Editor

It’s officially that time of year when we’re reminded of our loved ones, the ones we could never be apart from. That’s right- conversation heart candies.

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a tiny heart shaped candy with a chalky pastel color that literally says ‘I love you’.

No matter how strongly you feel about conversation heart candies, people should appreciate them more because they were at once near extinction from our holiday season.

According to Spangler Candy Company, they claimed Sweethearts in 2018 after their original owner, the New England Confectionery Company (Necco), went bankrupt, but couldn’t have the Sweethearts ready in time for the 2019 Valentines season.

Candy brands like Brachs, popular for candy canes and candy corn has produced its own similar conversation heart candies. Wonka Candy has also produced its line of Sweet Tart Hearts. 

The 2019 Valentine season was a tough one for conversation heart candy lovers, since they were no longer being produced. With the candy continuation being questioned, it was unclear whether we’d get to taste pure sugar in the kindest form again.

Although there’s minimal ingredients, many spin offs of the original kind haven’t hit the mark.

Sweet Tarts brand disguises itself as a true conversation heart producer, with the same pastel colors, and the giant pink heart on the bag, it’s an easy and regretful mistake to pick up one of these bags for your special someone.

As the name implies, Sweet Tarts doesn’t satisfy the soft and chalky taste of the original conversation hearts, and are simply the original Sweet Tarts in the shape of a heart with tiny messages.

The nostalgic taste of elementary school valentines is a hard one to beat. With a shaky foundation of the production of these candies, it’s important that we return the love they’ve always given us, and not take for granted their existence on local shelves this month.

According to Spangler Candy Company, their headquarters began operating in Bryan, Ohio, making these little candy hearts hit close to home even more.

While many other candies are just exceptional for Valentines day and chocolate treats everyone well, these candies give a little more than their taste.

No one can deny the flattery of the small red inked messages telling you to be theirs or to text them, or even more serious, asking for marriage.

These candies can go a long way in their value to a relationship. They are not just helpful in a relationship of two, but also in the relationship with yourself.

Conversation hearts can be your ultimate hype man this February. Popping a tiny candy into your mouth with the words “U shine” or “U rock” is the best form of self love.

The messages are endless and with multiple colors to choose from, it’s a sure fact that you’ll find the perfect heart for everyone.

It’s our second season of giving, but this time with a little extra love. This is why conversation heart candies are the way to go.

In a large bag or a small cardboard box with a place to write one’s name, the form of delivery is up to you.

Although our practices of valentines cards have been abandoned since elementary school, it’s never too late to revive the spirit, especially when it tastes as good as this.

According to the Smithsonian magazine, Necco Sweethearts used to make up for 80% of Valentine’s Day sales. 

Therefore, it’s no question why these candies need to make a comeback, and lucky for us, the 2020 Valentines season is the time for this comeback.

This Valentine’s Day, forget the expensive flowers or confusing boxed chocolates. Grab a twelve pack of conversation heart candy boxes to give to those special people in your life- your mom, best friend, mail man, editor on a school newspaper, just to name a few.

While their time to shine is slim and reliant on a non-federal holiday, it’s time to show support for their continuation and how they’ve never failed to brighten spirits.