Paramounts ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ is shockingly mediocre

Haleigh Watkins, Staff Writer

“Sonic the Hedgehog ” is the latest installment in the million dollar Sonic franchise, spanning back to 1991 from a Sega video game. 

After the trailer that came out last April, fans weren’t exactly flocking to the theater. It featured a strangely realistic rendition of Sonic, equipped with small, beady eyes and strangely human-like teeth. Luckily, Sonic’s design has changed since then. 

The film takes place in small town America, where Sonic is hiding as a stowaway. However, when the government learns of Sonic’s superpowers and his safety on earth becomes compromised, he enlists the help of local cop Tom Wachowski. Together, they journey across America, engaging in wacky hijinks and shenanigans along the way. 

The absence of iconic Sonic characters might upset some longtime fans, but that’s okay. This movie isn’t meant for them. This is a kid’s movie, through and through. 

The movie features lowbrow humor, where Sonic farting is treated as the height of comedy, as well as Hollywood tropes, like a car chase and an overblown bar fight. It offers nothing new, nothing viewers over the age of thirteen haven’t seen before. 

However, there are genuine moments. Sonic’s narration throughout the movie is both quirky and charming, painting him as a lovable protagonist. Movie watchers will feel for him as he yearns for companionship. 

Perhaps the best aspect of the movie, though, is the friendship between Ben Schwartz’s Sonic and James Marsden’s Tom Wachowski. The two actors have good chemistry, bouncing off each other to create a believable friendship.

The ending is both corny and sweet. Sonic defeats the enemy, and gets to remain on earth. The only difference is, he is now accepted by his town and lives with the family he found in Wachowski and his wife, Maddie. 

Before the screen fades to black, we see Tails appear on earth, presumably in search of Sonic. This looks like a clear cut sequel premise, which might explain why the writers held off introducing other iconic Sonic characters to the movie. 

All in all, it’s a solid kid’s movie. Definitely not a masterpiece, but a decent way to waste an hour or two.

Sonic the hedgehog racing past his enemy, creating a swarm of blue lightning.
Photo used with permission IMDb