Dr.Stranges sends heartfelt notes to senior class of 2020

Adrianna Gebhart, Website Development Manager

As the final quarter of the school year is all online due to Covid-19 concerns, the senior class of 2020 has not been able to do some of the activities that they have been waiting to do for the past four years of high school.

Dr.Stranges has been emailing the senior class of 2020 letters of encouragement, reassuring them that he is still trying to make their last year of high school memorable and as normal as possible during these times.

The first letter was sent March 23, 2020

Class of 2020 (1).docx

Following this letter was an update on April 2, 2020

Note from principal Dr.Stranges
The second email letter to the class of 2020. Stranges has been sending letters to the senior class to offer words of encouragement.

Update: April 13, 2020

Email from Dr.Stranges
Another update from Dr.Stranges addressing graduation ceremony in May. Graduation is to be on schedule, unless the federal government says otherwise.