Pacer themed IOS app covers


Teagan Knutson, Photographer

With the launch of the IOS 14 update, many users are taking full advantage of the app cover feature offered through the Shortcuts app. Below are 25 icons that you can use as Pacer-themed app covers for all your favorite apps.

Click here for the Google Drive folder with app icons


To use these app covers:

  1. Download the Shortcuts app and Google Drive. Download the app covers by holding down on each of them until a notification “the image has been saved to camera roll” pops up.
  2. Open Shortcuts. Add a new shortcut from the top right corner. Click on Add Action and search Open App.
  3. Choose what app you want to open then click on the three dots next to the “New Shortcut” title.
  4. Click “Add to home screen” and name the shortcut. Change the image to the app cover by pressing “choose photo,” then find and resize the image.
  5. Click “Add” in the top right corner, save the shortcut, and enjoy your new Pacer themed home screen!