‘Clouds’ film will tug on heartstrings

Jeni Vaughan, Staff Writer

Disney+ recently came out with their original movie, “Clouds,” which is based off of a true story. The movie ensures that there won’t be a dry eye in the room.

The movie is based on the life of Zach Sobiech (played by Fin Argus), a young musician who found out that his cancer has spread and become terminal, giving him only a few months of life left. 

After hearing about this diagnosis, Zach makes the decision to quit chemo and try to enjoy his last few months of life. His mother (Neve Campbell) plans a trip to Lourdes, France, where people say the water can cause miracles and help with healing. His father (Tom Everett Scott) also rents Zach’s dream sports car so he can drive it before his condition worsens. Though neither of these could have made Zach’s fight with cancer easier, it was heartwarming that his parents were willing to do anything for him. 

Sammy (played by Sabrina Carpenter), Zach’s best friend, is there for him through the whole process. She would go with him to chemo and play music for him, and even after the chemo stopped, they still continue to make music together. The two create a song, post it on YouTube, and overnight they become famous. The movie is named after that song, “Clouds,” that Zach began writing on his way back from France in the airplane. 

The movie allows viewers to see the internal struggle of fighting cancer through Zach’s eyes firsthand. The director, Justin Baldoni, doesn’t shy away from showing the worst parts of Zach’s fight. Everytime Zach would be in pain, get sick, or just become frustrated with his condition, you can’t help but tear up because of the raw emotion being shown. 

Most of the movie is centered around Zach, but we also get to see how his family and friends are struggling as well. His parents’ marriage becomes frayed and they begin to drift apart while helping to save their son. Zach also gets a girlfriend, Amy (Madison Iseman), and has to break the news of his terminal illness to her and even though she knows he doesn’t have a lot of time left, she stays with him until the very end. 

Overall, “Clouds” was a true rollercoaster of emotions and I highly recommend everyone to watch it. There’s no way someone could watch this movie without crying. It was so incredibly heartwarming and so raw in emotions and feelings.