Kanye West plans to expand Wyoming ranch into Yeezy Campus

Jackson Collins, Director of Visuals

Rapper and mogul Kanye West is not new to making headlines for his provocative behavior, and he’s now reaching new levels of nonconformity with his proposed Yeezy Campus.
While Yeezy was once known as the name of his collaborative line with Adidas, it has now expanded to include this supposed campus on his 4,500 acre ranch in Cody, Wyoming.
From the sounds of it, the campus is going to be less like a college campus, and more of a multifunctional facility.
Initially this might sound like one of West’s harebrained schemes, but he allegedly has assistance from multiple famous architects.
He plans to push boundaries with its architectural style, as well as develop new ways to farm energy.
The Yeezy Campus design would allow for hydroponic and aquaponic energy farming. West even pitched the idea of it having a passive energy system of its own.
The average Kanye listener is probably bursting at the seams for the chance to see all of this. Luckily, Kanye has initially said the campus will be made available to the public, and could even hold Kanye’s exclusive Sunday services.
As exciting as this all sounds, there is no estimate on when or even if it will be finished. It would not be unlike Kanye to tease a project like this only to not release or complete it.
Fans of his music know all too well how he announced an album called “Donda” that did not drop on its supposed night of release.
Kanye is also a constant scandal magnet. From the infamous Taylor Swift awards show moment, to his public Twitter breakdowns, to his failed presidential campaign, he knows how to get his name trending.
There really is no way to know if this campus will even be finished. If it does, it will be a fascinating plan to watch unfold.