Five Black Tiktok creators to follow to learn about Black History

Photo collage of the five tiktok creators recommended in the story
Social media photos used with permission from creators. From left: Taylor Cassidy, Morgan Simone, Erynn Chambers, Garrison Hayes and Lynae Bogues.

1. Erynn Chambers

Erynn Chambers is a 28 year-old education consultant who has thousands of followers on Tiktok and Instagram. As a creator, she mainly talks about political and social issues and is doing a daily series on Black American figures for Black History Month.


Welcome to #BlackHistoryMonth Day 1. Today we learn about #ShirleyChisholm #BlackHistory #BHM 

♬ You Never Can Tell – Chuck Berry

Chambers’ Social Medias:

› Instagram: @therealrynnstar

› Tiktok: @rynnstar

› Twitter: @TheRealRynnstar

› Facebook: therealrynnstar

2. Taylor Cassidy

Taylor Cassidy is a Tiktok creator, YouTuber and influencer who posts a variety of content including relatable videos, Tiktoks talking about “Black Girl Magic” and has been doing a “Fast Black History” series.

Cassidy’s Social Medias:

› Instagram: @taylorcassidyj

› Twitter: @taycassidyj

› Youtube: Taylor Cassidy

3. Garrison Hayes

Garrison Hayes is a Black influencer who creates content on everyday topics and books. His videos for Black History Month require little reading as many of them feature recommendations for films to learn the Black experience.

Hayes’ Social Medias:

› Instagram: @garrisonh

› Tiktok: @garissonhayes

› Twitter: @garissonh

4. Lynae Bogues

Lynae Bogues is a newer creator on Tiktok, who has a degree in African American Studies and whose account mainly has been focused on Black History.


Posting everyday for black history month come get your learn on lol. #foryou #blm #blackhistory #parkinglotpimpin

♬ original sound – Lynae Bogues

Bogues’ Social Medias:

› Instagram: @_lyneezy

› Tiktok: @_lyneezy

5. Morgan Simone

Morgan Simone is a Tiktok creator whose content focuses on Black issues. Simone has been doing a series of videos for Black History Month called “Bad*ss things in Black history.”


#bsawtgi Badass Things In Black History: Mary Beatrice Davidson Keener #fypシ #fyp #blackhistorymonth #blackhistory #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp

♬ original sound – Morgan

Simone’s Social Medias:

› Tiktok: @ohyikesmorgan