Opinion: Audiences want more than the same old superhero movies

Kamryn Drake, Staff Writer

Marvel and DC Films have been making superhero movies for years. They have made every backstory for all their characters, new, unexpected twists in their story, and showed us who the characters are in the present day. But come on, rewatching the same movies is boring.
If you look at the ratings for the Batman movies throughout the years, you’ll notice that the older movies usually have the higher ratings. When the first movies came out they were making $411 million. Now “Batman Forever” only made $336 million at the box office. Could this be because of superhero fatigue?
Superhero Fatigue is when the audience gets tired of watching the same storyline and same old superhero movies over and over.
Although the movie “Iron Man” has gotten high ratings both times, it’s common for movies with only one or two in the series to have higher ratings than the ones with several movies. The “Iron Man” trilogy grossed over $1 billion.
Take “Doctor Strange” for example. It had incredibly high reviews. This may be because it was something new; something the audience hasn’t seen before.
You can also look at the reviews for the Warner Bros “Aquaman.” Even though most people thought that it wasn’t going to do very well, it was a hit. The movie ended up making over $748 million worldwide.
Some of these classics have run their course. The movies did well at first, but the viewers are starting to want something different. Something fresh. Batman, Superman, the Joker, X-Men, they were amazing, but now it is time to move on.
These movie directors keep falling back on the same characters with the same story line with a new twist. Based on the ratings and reviews of the latest superhero movies you can tell the audience doesn’t want to keep watching the same thing over and over. Marvel has always relied on Stan Lee’s original comics for their movies. Now that he has passed they need to come up with their own ideas. We want something original.