Thoughts from a senior: A new version of you


Sophie Hance, Editor-in-Chief

During a unique existential crisis I had one day, I remembered that every 7-10 years the body completely regenerates itself and is composed of all new cells, meaning that everything about who we are changes all the time. Physically and mentally.
We are constantly becoming new versions of ourselves as time continues. However, all we know and all we will ever know is who we are right now.
I looked back at a picture of me from my youth and I realized that I don’t know that person. However, a lot of people do. My parents often describe me when I was little and compare me back then to who I am now.
You are the only person that will never know the several versions of you. Everyone you’ve ever met can recall who you were at any given point in your life if they were there but you only know who you are in the moment.
I spent a lot of time wishing I was somebody else, but I am somebody else. I’m a new person than who I was last week, last year, and last decade.
There will always be new versions of yourself to come. If you are struggling with who you are right now, there is a new version of yourself that you are preparing yourself for without even knowing. We’re all growing and becoming better people all the time.
We as students have the rest of our lives to become new people and to improve who we are.
After high school, we meet new people, go to new places and learn new things. This shapes us into a new version of ourselves.
People may remember the decisions you made and things you did wrong, but in the future, you will be a new person. A person that makes better decisions and will make different mistakes.
Like it or not, mistakes also shape who we are. However, it completely depends on how we handle them.
Not taking accountability and pointing fingers won’t help you evolve. Dealing with the consequences of our actions leads to fewer repeated mistakes in the future.
Problems and worries you have right now seem like the end of the world. Maybe your grades aren’t the best, you and your friend are fighting, or you’re having a hard time at work. The harder life seems right now, the easier it’s going to be for the new version of yourself that is right around the corner.
There is time to grow out of struggles. Even if it seems like the world is crumbling down on you, you will overcome it. Then, you will learn and be a better version of yourself.