Senior Wills 2021

As the class of 2021 says goodbye to Hayes High School, students leave behind responsibilities, qualities, or anything else to next year’s student body.


A hallway at Hayes sits empty after seniors leave the building on May 13.

Brynn McGrail, Managing Editor

I, Hylah Phillips, give the inna state to Reagan David and Laney Hackbarth because it isn’t a girls night without it.


I, Megan Shawver, give Dairy Depot to Amelia Harvey because seniority.


I, Canaan Smith, give “Beasty Tenor” to Elijah Shireman because he’s the last of the elite.


I, Alexis Amabile, give permission to carry out my basketball legacy to Chloe Jeffers because she deserves it.


I, Liz Cooke, give confidence to Lindsay Cooke because she needs to stick up for herself more so I don’t have to do it.


I, Ainsley Tatman, give the blue hanger to Bri Richey because she has it and won’t bring it back… plus she hates it.


I, Addie Salvador, give my old blue backpack to Vivian Salvador because she already stole it from me this year, so I don’t have a choice.


I, Jordan Rutherford, give my house games lip sync contest skills to Jeremiah Rutherford because he must carry on the Rutherford house game spirit.


I, Hunter Pollock, give leadership over the Clarinet Section to Katie Hejmanowski and Zach Ward because they have been deemed worthy by Mr. Doherty to govern the Nets.


I, Ryan Vogt, give the wood bassoon to Sam Bruskotter because he’s the only one who’s good enough at the bassoon to be worthy.