Varsity Boys Football fights a tight battle against Buckeye Valley


Kamryn Drake

Varsity cheerleaders hold the sign as the varsity football players run out.

Kamryn Drake, Staff Writer

Kicking off the first football game of the year Hayes Pacers played Buckeye Valley Friday, August 20th. After a long game, Hayes lost with a score of 26-22. After nine years of always winning against Buckeye Valley, the Pacers lost.

With a 20-yard pass thrown by #11 senior Austin Dowell to #6 senior Elijah Burton in the 3rd quarter. An interception in the 4th quarter was made by #56 junior Isaac Wheeler. Another interception was made by #27 sophomore Austin Koslow in the 4th quarter. A 17-yard pass was made by Dowell to #2 senior Armond Weaver in the 4th quarter. A 14-yard pass was made by Dowell to #1 junior Xavier Weaver in the 4th quarter as well.