Varsity Boys Football fights a tight battle against Buckeye Valley


Kamryn Drake, Staff Writer

Kicking off the first football game of the year Hayes Pacers played Buckeye Valley Friday, August 20th. After a long game, Hayes lost with a score of 26-22. After nine years of always winning against Buckeye Valley, the Pacers lost.

With a 20-yard pass thrown by #11 senior Austin Dowell to #6 senior Elijah Burton in the 3rd quarter. An interception in the 4th quarter was made by #56 junior Isaac Wheeler. Another interception was made by #27 sophomore Austin Koslow in the 4th quarter. A 17-yard pass was made by Dowell to #2 senior Armond Weaver in the 4th quarter. A 14-yard pass was made by Dowell to #1 junior Xavier Weaver in the 4th quarter as well.

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  • Varsity Cheerleaders hold the sign as the varsity boys run out.

  • Varsity boys run out of the Hayes sign at the start of the game.

  • Coach Butts calls for a time out in 1st quarter.

  • Hayes offense line up for their next play.

  • Defense watches at the side line.

  • #1 Xavier Weaver just misses a pass.

  • Hayes completes a tackle against Buckeye Valley.

  • Hayes takes another time out in 2nd quarter.

  • Hayes pacers complete another tackle against BV.

  • #54 junior Erik Wells takes down BV player.

  • Wells celebrates another tackle in 3rd quarter.

  • Referee calls second down.

  • Xavier Weaver completes a pass and makes it past the 10 yard line.

  • Boys line up for the kick off.

  • #6 Elijah Burton completes a touchdown.

  • Pacer boys complete another tackle in 4th quarter.

  • #42 junior Sawyer Sand completes another touchdown for the Hayes Pacers.

  • Pacers complete another tackle in 4th quarter.

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