Hayes returns to normal sports seasons

Euclid Entourage student section leaders Brady Gazarek and CJ Holmes.

Mikalah Kostalas, Staff Writer

After an entire year of sports was marred by Covid-19, Delaware City Schools is finally returning to typical sports seasons and games.
“[Covid-19] made it challenging for the team, as it seemed as if they had to build their own momentum where there was no student section to rally off of,” Euclid Entourage leader Brady Gazarek said.
Since students were unable to go to games last year, many are attending more games than they would normally.
“Most students haven’t had the opportunity to get to enjoy live sporting events without restrictions in place,” Gazarek said. “This year is all about making memories and enjoying the experiences we are getting to have.”
The biggest student section attendance is at the varsity football games. Now that the football team is back on track with regular games, so is the student section.
“Everyone is really looking forward to this football season, as we know there is a great group of athletes,” Gazarek said. “Students are able to go cheer on their classmates and it brings a whole new level of excitement for game days.”
School spirit was at an all-time low during Covid-19, and many students hope it will be back up to normal heights as the season goes on.
“I’m excited to be able to see everyone together again,” junior Reagan David said. “I’m not feeling like I’m missing out on important memories.”
Apart from the student section, the players are just as excited to return to regular games. However, the coaches, players and parents still have to work together to protect athletes from Covid-19.
The Delaware community is helping by getting vaccinated, wearing their masks and socially distancing themselves to keep the season going safely.
“We still have our guys wearing masks inside for football in the locker rooms,” football Defensive Coordinator Ryan Montgomery said. “Guys still bring their own water bottles so that we’re not sharing water.”
However, some sports have lifted restrictions.
“We don’t have to wear masks everywhere,” junior soccer player Carson Bay said. “We’re back into big groups during practices instead of spread apart like we were last year.”
Ultimately, district coaches and athletes are thrilled to get back on track with fall sports and continue on with the 2021-2022 school year.
“I’m just glad we’re able to get back and play and have fans in the stands,” Montgomery said. “You have that feeling of normalcy again, like things are back to how they used to be.”