Orchestra and choir programs plan trip to New York this spring


Kristen Smith

Hayes symphony orchestra practices during the school day. The orchestra and choir are planning a joint trip to NYC this spring.

Danica Davelli, Staff Writer

After an almost two year break from school trips due to the COVID-19 pandemic, multiple programs at Hayes are beginning to plan trips again.
The music department is currently planning a trip to New York for the spring. Students from symphony orchestra, Hayes players, and symphonic choir will be able to go on the trip as well as seniors from the concert orchestra.
Choir director Dara Gillis said that she is anticipating about 125 students will be going on the trip, but she doesn’t have an official number yet.
Vaccinations will be required for students planning to attend the trip due to the current regulations in New York City.
“New York City is requiring vaccinations in order to eat in restaurants or go to Broadway shows. So our feeling is, unless you’re going to be vaccinated, you’re going to be sitting in your hotel room,” orchestra director Stacy Lemke said.
The group will be travelling by bus to New York and while in the city. As of now, the plan is to require masks on the bus unless students are eating, but that may change based on the final decision made by the Board of Education closer to the trip.
Students feel safer with the COVID-19 rules and restrictions that will be in place during the trip.
“I feel better because they’re requiring that you vaccinate and wear masks,” said junior Amelia Stranges, a member of the symphony orchestra.
Although there are regulations and requirements, there are still a few concerns with safety on the trip.
“I still think it’s a really big city, and there’s going to be a lot of people, so I am nervous,” Stranges said.
While on the trip, the group will be participating in a variety of activities. They will be visiting multiple museums and monuments in addition to the performances they will be doing.
The students will also have the opportunity to attend clinics and workshops while on the trip.
“We’re doing performance clinics while we’re in New York with a couple of professional teachers and conductors there. We’re doing a broadway movement and theater workshop with the choirs,” Gillis said.
Students are excited about the trip and the activities they will be participating in while on the trip. “I’m really excited to see all of the different touristy places and important parts of history,” Stranges said.
However, the trip is still not completely guaranteed, since the pandemic is so unpredictable.
“I just hope that we get to go. That’s my biggest concern,” Gillis said.
The orchestra and choir have never done a trip together before, so this is a new experience for everyone.
“We’re super excited that this is the first time symphonic choir and orchestra will be going at the same time,” Lemke said. “Last year was supposed to be symphonic choir’s turn to go on a trip. So that’s why we’re going…so that those kids don’t miss out.”
Overall, the feeling as the trip approaches is excitement all around.
“I’m excited. That’s one of my favorite things about school and being part of groups,” Stranges said.