Bowling team faces Worthington Kilbourne

The Hayes bowling team faced Worthington Kilbourne on Wednesday, December 15. The boys varsity team fought a close match but lost by 12 pins. The boys JV won, and the girls team won by 273 pins. Top scorers were senior CJ Deel for the boys and senior Hannah Halstead for the girls.

Danica Davelli, Staff Writer

Boys at a bowling alley
The boys’ bowling team watches their teammates while waiting for their turns. (Danica Davelli)
boy bowling
Junior Alek Herring swings the ball before taking his shot. (Danica Davelli)
boy bowling
Senior Joe Matthews watches his ball after throwing it down the lane. (Danica Davelli)
girl bowling
Junior Makayla Pounds swings her ball in preparation for her shot. (Danica Davelli)
Boy throws bowling ball
Freshman Blake Brown prepares for his shot and looks down the lane. (Danica Davelli)
girl bowling
Senior Grace Mclllwain watches her ball roll down the lane. (Danica Davelli)
boy bowling
Junior Tristen Samuels pulls the ball back in preparation for his shot. (Danica Davelli)
boy throws bowling ball
Freshman Justin Matthews just after throwing the ball toward the pins. (Danica Davelli)
Girl throws bowling ball
Senior Hannah Halstead throws her shot and watches the ball roll down the lane. (Danica Davelli)