Hayes students participate in crystal usage for spiritual and physical healing


Chris DeRosa

Junior Madelyn Francisco wears a crystal necklace at school. Crystal popularity has grown drastically during this school year.

Kristen Smith, Visual Content Editor

In March of 2020, most people felt a sense of anxiety and uncertainty. A mental health crisis was on the rise and inevitable.
Although this was a trying time for teenagers especially, it quickly became a time for self-discovery and grounding.
While teenagers were stuck in isolation, many turned to TikTok and other social media apps for entertainment, which is where the trend of using crystals sparked. Social media propelled a rise in the usage of crystals all around the world – and Delaware was not an exception.
In Delaware, two metaphysical supply stores have now opened within the city, one being Raven’s Cauldron. Brian Campbell is the owner of the store and has devoted thirty years of his life to the world of metaphysical healing and research.

Raven's Cauldron
Raven’s Cauldron is located at 110 S Sandusky Street, in Delaware. (Kristen Smith)

Since the pandemic, Campbell said his business has quadrupled in sales and is delighted by the interest among teenagers.
“My business in the store has exploded ever since Covid,” Campbell said. “There’s a renewed interest in self-healing [and] engineering your own path.”
Individuals use crystals for a variety of personal reasons. Some people like how they look and wear them as jewelry, while others like the way crystals positively affect their emotional and mental state.
“A good example for me would be a combination of Rainbow Fluoride and Smoky Quartz if I have a brain foggy day,” Campbell said. “The Rainbow Fluoride aids in clarity and the Smoky Quartz is a filter…it filters out all negativity.”
By-and-large, many people believe that crystals significantly help regulate emotions that come during a time of such isolation and disparity.
“They’re very good for meditation and bringing balance into my life,” senior Gracie Mickley said. “[The crystal] really does absorb a lot of negative energy and it really helps.”
Due to crystals absorbing energy, crystals often need to be recharged. Crystals can be recharged in a multitude of ways including water rinses, sunlight or moonlight. It is recommended to follow your inner intuition when charging crystals.
“I have them all in my bedroom and they’re just all sitting on my windowsill, so they can be recharged by the moonlight,” Mickley said.
Crystals are meant to benefit individuals’ lives and assist in self-love.
“I use them for meditation and they assist,” senior Eliza Riggs said. “I like the qualities that they have that can help you reach your meditation goals and reach self-enlightenment.”
The best way for beginners to start using crystals is to do research and find crystals that speak to them and practice using them in ways that feel positive.
“You might come in here on a Saturday with your friends and buy five tumbles simply because they look nice to you,” Campbell said. “Spend five minutes with them at a time at night…close your eyes, see how you feel.”
Crystal enthusiasts also emphasize the beauty of simplicity behind the gem.
“Don’t overthink it or anything, just believe in [your crystal],” junior Madelyn Francisco said.

Girl with crystal
Junior Madelyn Francisco actively uses her crystals to find balance during the school day. (Chris DeRosa)

Some teenagers hesitate to become crystal users due to the lack of knowledge and the worry of offending traditions or cultures.
“Crystals have nothing to do with religion and come from the Earth,” Campbell said. “People mine them, people polish them, people vibe with them. People hear the word witchcraft, they think evil things do harm. [There’s] absolutely none of that, it’s just forging your own spiritual path.”
Riggs has used crystals for six months now and said she has seen a progression of self-love. She enjoys the time she spends with her crystals during meditative practices.
“You want to form a relationship with your crystals. Think of a friendship: you have to work on it,” Riggs said. “It’s really the same with the crystal. You have to use it a lot [and] see how it speaks to you and your body.”
Crystals have helped many teenagers find light through the darkest times of the pandemic. While crystals are not the solution to mental health issues, it has been a resource for teenagers through their struggles.
“[Crystals] help you to accept yourself and your actions,” Riggs said. “All the times when I’m doing self-love affirmations or meditations or working on that, I like to have the crystal on the mat with me.”