Now trending: spring fashion at Hayes

Trends come and go every season, but these trends are here and are essentials for your spring wardrobe.

Kristen Smith and Chris DeRosa


Students at Hayes wear spring trends. (Photo illustration by Kristen Smith & Chris DeRosa)
Students at Hayes wear spring trends. (Photo illustration by Kristen Smith & Chris DeRosa)

1. Puff-sleeve dress

These seem to be the ultimate spring dress. Light and flowy paired with a gold necklace and pair of sandals, perfection.

2. Converse

These have always been a basic shoe, but are now being taken to new heights. Several people at Hayes this spring have been wearing high-top platform Converse. Floral Converse or embroidery has also been making its appearance.

3. Overalls

This classic seems to make a comeback every few decades. It’s a simple piece that can fit any occasion. Throw a simple lace shirt under and it makes the cutest, timeless look.

4. Graphic tees

This is another basic for spring. Graphic tees can be dressed up or down. The color lavender has also been a popular pick this spring.

5. White jeans

Tis’ the season to start digging out the white jeans from the bottom of the drawer. The old fashion rule is to only wear white jeans from Memorial Day through Labor Day. A couple of weeks does not hurt, right?

6. Sage green

Greens have been the color of spring. As the outdoors are turning green, so are most people’s wardrobes. This neutral yet color-popping tone is perfect for a monochrome look and is looked to be an overall soothing color.

7. Classic Nike with pastels

Who doesn’t love a good pair of Nikes? These Nikes are perfect for spring with a pop of pastel. Plus paired with a Dior crew sock, icing on the cake.

8. Lululemon Scuba Zip and Tennis skirt

This combo has been one of my favorite of the season. The effortless look, with maximum comfort, makes it easy to do just about any outdoor activity this spring.

9. Tourist tees

This trend of wearing different destination t-shirts is quite similar to just a basic graphic tee but adds more of a spring or summer vacation touch.