Goodbye Seniors: Hayes has senior walk out

Before covid, Hayes used to have the seniors take a last lap on the track on their last day. This year, Hayes brought the tradition back.

Kamryn Drake, Staff Writer

senoirs hugging
Seniors gather in the gym before their walk-out. (Kamryn Drake)
Stranges with seniors
Hayes principal Ric Stranges tells the seniors how proud he is of all of them. (Kamryn Drake)
Stranges with seniors pt 2
 (Kamryn Drake)
sniors with stranges
Ric Stranges leads the seniors in their final walk-out. (Kamryn Drake)
Senior waving
Seniors make their way around the building to the track. (Kamryn Drake)
doherty and seniors
Andrew Doherty leads the marching band to the track. (Kamryn Drake)
Seniors take their first couple of steps on the track. (Kamryn Drake)
zSeniors looking at stands
Seniors take a look out to the stands as they walk the track. (Kamryn Drake)
band and seniors
The Hayes marching band leads seniors to the stands. (Kamryn Drake)
underclassman saying bye to seniors
Underclassman and teachers waving goodbye from the stands. (Kamryn Drake)