Hayes returns to a new normal


Kaitlyn Gorsuch

The administrators at Hayes are putting ideas into place to get school to return back to normal.

Kaitlyn Gorsuch, Editor-in-Chief

With covid numbers decreasing, Hayes is beginning to reinstate events and trying to return to a sense of normalcy.
“I think we’re getting back to normal,” principal Ric Stranges said. “Which students need and we all want.”
Students have seen an increase in changes to get back to what students that were in high school experienced pre pandemic.
“If we just look back at what we changed already, we had a normal prom with juniors and seniors, which is beneficial,” Stranges said.
The seniors in the class of 2022 are being given the opportunity to participate in many events that were not possible in previous years due to the pandemic, including the senior walk and graduation, but with it being moved to a Friday night.
“We’re looking at graduation as normal,” Stranges said. “But with some tweaks going into the evening, with it this year at 7 [p.m.].”
The 2020 graduation was drive-through style and then the 2021 graduation was held in the stadium with covid precautions put in place.
Students are also looking forward to events outside of school to make a return.
“Graduation parties are finally now starting to become a thing again, which I am excited for,” junior Kelly Schafer said.
The events that have happened so far this school year have created excitement for students. Underclassmen who have not experienced many events at Hayes are also looking forward to upcoming events, like sporting, musical and school events, along with the next school year.
“House games was really fun,” freshman Ivan Hedges said.
The pandemic has also helped the administrators to adapt and to learn from the situation. With some meetings being able to be held virtually instead of in person, and some classes being offered where the students can choose what format they want.
“We’re looking at offering courses … where you can choose one of the three options, online, totally on your own, hybrid, where you come in a couple days and online a few days or all school, and do it the way we normally do,” Stranges said.
Stranges also attributes flexibility to help with the transition hopefully out of the pandemic. He is grateful for all the little things that the school is able to do now that were not available in the pandemic.
“I just think in the face of a pandemic, the outcome should be what did we learn and what can we use from that,” Stranges said.