Teachers & staff say goodbye to Hayes

The conclusion of each school year also means that several teachers are retiring or moving on to other jobs.


Julieanne McClain

Cindy Degler, the head custodian at Hayes, receives a farewell poem from principal Ric Stranges. Staff honored this year’s retirees at Tuesday’s luncheon.

Danica Davelli, Staff Writer

Andy Doherty

Andy Doherty has been the band director at Hayes for 10 years. He started working at Hayes just two weeks after graduating from Capital University. In his time at Hayes, he has built great relationships with the students and created a community that he is very grateful for.

Since Doherty started working here right after college, he said he has learned a ton. “Almost everything that I’ve learned as a teacher I’ve learned through working here,” he said.

Next year he will be the head band director at Dublin Scioto High School. Thank you Mr. Doherty!

Eileen Duffy

Eileen Duffy has been working in the district as a school nurse for 28 years. She started her career at DCS with 7 years at the high school, then worked at an elementary school, and she has been back at Hayes for the past 3 years. Her favorite part of working at Hayes has been the students.

She said she has learned the most important thing to do is to be kind. “Kindness is really important,” she said. “And the small things that you do for people matter.”

Duffy will be retiring after this year and helping take care of her grandchildren. She will also be doing some community activities in her free time. Thank you Ms. Duffy!

Joshua Hill

Joshua Hill has been teaching math at Hayes for one year. Hill attended Hayes as a student, so he said it was cool to be able to work with teachers that he had in high school. It has brought him a sense of belonging and made him more comfortable even though it is only his first year teaching at DCS.

Hill has seen his lasting impact on his students already. “I have learned that the kids won’t just remember the things that you teach,” he said. “They’re also going to remember some of the different life lessons that they picked up through the class.” Hayes has also taught him that it is just as difficult being a teacher as being a high school student. Lastly, he has learned to be kind to everyone.

Next year, Hill will be teaching math at Dempsey Middle School. Thank you Mr. Hill!

Stacy Lemke

Stacy Lemke has been the orchestra director at Hayes for 24 years. She has worked in the district for 38 years and is currently the music department chair. Her favorite part of working at Hayes has been the students. “They’re so sweet,” she said. “They try hard every day. They’re just great human beings. I’m really going to miss them.”

In her time at Hayes she said she has learned to treat everyone as the unique person they are, and try to understand where they are coming from. She has also learned to set high expectations because her students will always live up to them.

After this year, she will be retiring and plans on traveling and leading private lessons. She is also considering becoming a music substitute teacher. Thank you Ms. Lemke!

Douglas Manley

Douglas Manley has been the Air Force JROTC Instructor at Hayes for 9 years. He said he has enjoyed seeing the resilience in his students throughout the past few years. “Even with COVID-19, we still accomplished everything we did before COVID-19 hit,” he said. “We didn’t use it as an excuse not to do anything.”

Next year, he will continue teaching at Randolph-Macon Academy in Virginia. Thank you Master Sergeant Manley!


Other teachers and staff leaving Hayes as of May 31, 2022 include the following: Cindy Degler, John Hohman, Siobhan Johnson, Kathleen Mergler, Jose Perez, Amy Smock, Katrina Wetherby, Scott Wetzel, Matt Wion, and Kate White.