Football takes win over Westerville North

On September 16, the Pacers came out on top over the Warriors, with a final score of 55-34

Carter Sims, Staff Writer

Players run onto the field.
Pacers take the field through the tunnel formed by Delaware youth football teams and the Grand Pacer Marching Band. (Carter Sims)
Students cheer
Euclid Entourage cheers before kickoff. (Carter Sims)
Kicker warms up
Sophomore kicker Chaz Sakala warms up on the kicking net. (Carter Sims)
Band marches
Pacer Marching Band marches to bandstands. (Carter Sims)
Players run
Senior Kaden Gannon breaks into the open field. (Carter Sims)
Player runs
Senior Lucas Dotson returns an interception for a touchdown. (Carter Sims)
Students watch
Euclid Entourage watches during the first half. (Carter Sims)
Players celebrate
Pacers celebrate in the endzone. (Carter Sims)
Cooper kicks
Junior kicker Cooper Goble kicks an extra point. (Carter Sims)
Jake scrambles
Junior Quarterback  Jake Lowman rolls right out of the pocket. (Carter Sims)
Junior running back Josh Russell trots off the field after scoring a touchdown. (Carter Sims)
Players march out
Head coach Ryan Montgomery leads the Pacers out before the second half. (Carter Sims)
Wilson lines up
Junior wide receiver Jaliq Wilson lines up on the outside. (Carter Sims)
Players huddle
Pacers huddle during a timeout. (Carter Sims)
Students celebrate
Euclid Entourage waves “goodbye” to Westerville North. (Carter Sims)
Jones takes selfie
Former Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones takes a selfie with senior Raul Mainsah. (Carter Sims)
Goble poses
Goble poses after Pacers win. (Carter Sims)
Josh dances
Russell celebrates on the way to the post-game huddle. (Carter Sims)
Players sing alma mater
Senior fullback Andon Wheeler sings alma mater with the team. (Carter Sims)
Weaver high fives
Senior cornerback Xavier Weaver high-fives Euclid Entourage.
Cheerleaders hug
Junior cheerleaders embrace during the singing of the alma mater.
Players pose
Juniors Gavin Brinkmoller and Chris Eden pose after the victory for the Pacers.