Senior Donates Free Homecoming Dresses

Adrianna Gebhart, Website Development Manager

Homecoming is just around the corner, which means girls will be spending a lot of money on dresses. However, a Delaware Hayes student wants to change that.

Senior Katie Smith originally posted a tweet addressing her concern.

“… we all know that homecoming can be extremely expensive and everyone deserves to feel beautiful,” Katie posted.

What appeals to many is how the dresses are free and first come first serve.

“I wanted to offer something for people who still wanted to go and have fun with friends,” Katie said.

She said that she has already gotten replies and messages from girls that are interested. Now, other upperclassman are joining in and are giving away their extra dresses.

“I think that it’s really great that people are starting to do it and if more people [join], it’ll just make homecoming more fun.”

Homecoming is on Saturday, September 28 at Delaware Hayes. Tickets are $10 and every grade is welcome to attend the dance.