Students begin to feel burnout as first quarter ends

Marta Bourget, Staff Writer

Assignments, assessments and grades can contribute to a feeling of burnout among high school students. (Marta Bourget)

With the first quarter coming to a close, students are starting to feel the effects. Students in all grades, in all different classes have begun to feel the heat of their new classes and environment.
Each year of high school offers new classes with new challenges and different concepts.
Sophomore Antonio Rodriguez said school is “pretty stressful with all the grades and how drastically they can change.”
Students face many varied challenges that can quicken the effects of burnout, such as adjusting to different teachers’ styles.
Some students said they are getting burnt out from all their classes, especially AP and Honors classes. A large number of Hayes students are adjusting to college expectations with the number of AP and CCP classes they take.
“My AP classes have the biggest workload,” junior Delaney Nelson said. “I am taking 4 APs and Spanish 4 which is like an honors.”
But burnout isn’t just an at school issue. Burnout follows a student home via homework that can be an everyday occurrence depending on classes.
“I work like one and a half hours every weeknight,” Nelson said. “Then on the weekend, I do four hours Saturday and four hours Sunday.”
Classes aren’t the only thing causing students to feel burnt out. Extracurricular activities take up hours and hours after school every week and on the weekends.
“I’m in the marching band,” senior Erin Madden said. “It’s a lot of time and that definitely adds to the amount of time I spend working on homework.”
Many students are in the same boat as Madden. Finding a balance between school, social life, and extracurricular activities is no easy task.
“I do homework early so if I have a [tennis] match I don’t have to do it,” Nelson said.
The first quarter is a time of new beginnings and new classes. Getting back into the rhythm of school is hard for teachers, students, and administration.