Supplies for Scholars 2019

Acarah Horner, Visual Content Manager


Big Walnut Buckeye Valley Delaware City Olentangy  Other schools Total
Students Served 178 244 1315 106 56 1899


Pens, glue and scissors sit in tubs on a table. Behind that is more glue and notebooks.
Bins of pens, glue and scissors are sat with lists of how many each student needs. The United Way puts together school supplies for less fortunate families every year, located in the Willis building in downtown Delaware.


Colorful backpacks hang on a rack. A rainbow backpack is shown in the foreground.
A rainbow backpack is hanging, followed by many other colorful children’s backpack.


A tub of large pink erasers.
A tub of large pink erasers was sat in the cafeteria. Each grade school student was permitted to get two erasers from the bin.


3D printing equipment with colorful tubes of plastic hanging from a rack.
3D printing equipment sits in an old classroom. The Supplies for Scholars organization provides 3D printing equipment for kids to try while at the event.


Colorful tubes of plastic sit in a rack. One has a pair of scissors in it.
Colorful tubes of plastic sit beside the 3D printing equipment. 3D printers were provided for students to learn and explore how to use them while at the event.


A well made of diapers is surrounded by books about babies.
A well made from diapers sits on a table, surrounded by books about being a mother. A woman runs this table every year to help inform new mothers.


A table full of small green boxes of a pastry snack.
In the old Library Media Center, tables were set up for participants to peruse. One of the tables had boxes of snack pastries for the families.


Rows of bar soap, hand soap, shampoo and conditioner sit on a table.
Rows of bar soap, hand soap, shampoo and conditioner sat on a table in the old Library Media Center in the Willis building. The United Way provides hygiene products for families attending the Supplies for Scholars drive.


Rows of shampoo bottles labeled "VO5".
Rows of shampoo sat on the table in the old Willis Library Media Center. The United Way provides hygiene products for the families that come to the Supplies for Scholars event.


Three women and a man stand around a table with a well made from diapers and talk.
Volunteers talk around a Planned Parenthood table before the event began.


Volunteers in red shirts walk down a hallway.
The volunteers for the Supplies for Scholars program walk through a hallway, on their way to their positions for the event. The volunteers wore red shirts so participants could easily pick them out of the crowd.