Opinion: Veterans Day is an important way to honor those who have served


Amber Carver

Veterans are pictured in the 2021 Veterans Day Parade in downtown Delaware.

Amber Carver, Staff Writer

Started in 1954, Veterans Day is a way for citizens to honor those who have served in the American armed forces across every conflict in American history. It is a holiday that has different meanings to everyone.
There is controversy around the celebration, because many do not agree with America’s bloody history. Many argue that the holiday furthers the glory of death and destruction.
There is one thing that needs to be taken into consideration. Many of our veterans did not choose to serve; instead, they were drafted during conflicts such as the Vietnam War. All they were doing was what they were required to.
No matter why someone has served, military members go through much hardship during their time in the military. Every day they are serving, troops dedicate themselves to bettering America, no matter how hard they are pushed.
Those serving abroad are often faced with daily challenges, which can result in permanent injury as well as death. They also have to deal with less-than-ideal living conditions full of grime safety hazards.
Those serving on the homefront are faced with their own set of challenges. Many choose to pursue an education while serving, which leads to many troops having to juggle a strict work life, as well as a college academic load.
No matter where someone is serving, there is also the very real possibility that they could develop mental disorders that won’t go away until long after they are done serving. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is one of the most common disorders and one of the most damaging.
After veterans get out of the military, they are faced with an entirely new set of problems. Many struggle to reintegrate with society and some struggle to find employment due to disabilities they received during service.
As a result, there are many veterans living below the poverty line, struggling to find stable sources of food and shelter. Many find themselves alone on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.
In addition to the veterans who have made sacrifices, their families have also struggled during their service. Veterans Day is just as important to them as it is to veterans.
Many military families go months at a time without seeing their loved one. Others are forced to uproot their lives and move wherever their loved one gets stationed. That means children often have to switch schools, and spouses must find new employment.
After someone is done serving, their family are the ones who help them with any struggles they may have brought back with them from their time in the military. These include both mental disorders and physical disabilities.
No matter the amount of time someone serves, or the position they held, they still contributed to keeping America safe when it needed them most. For that, they deserve a day of recognition.
This is especially true for veterans from the Vietnam War, who did not receive much recognition for their service until recent times due to the weight the subject of war carried to those who lived through it.
There are many elderly veterans, who may not have anyone to celebrate holidays with or to give them the support that they need and deserve. Veterans Day might be the only day where they feel truly important and recognized for all that they have accomplished.
Veterans Day is a way to honor those who have served America by protecting it so that civilians can have the quality of life they have grown accustomed to. Veterans should be seen as everyday heroes, and they should have a day representing exactly that.
The problems faced by veterans should not be ignored. Veterans Day is a holiday glorifying military service. The holiday should not hide what they went through during their time in the military.
Instead, it should be a day of awareness for both the good and the bad that comes from military service. It should be a day to reflect and rejoice on all the sacrifices that have been made throughout American history.
Instead of mattress companies having Veterans Day sales, perhaps these companies should set up programs to raise money to help veterans. Parades and celebrations are nice, but people need to think of what veterans truly need. A parade float can’t find them food or shelter, but individual people can lend a hand to veterans in need.