Hayes football gets ready for Buckeye Valley

Lara David, Staff Writer

Braeden McGrady playing varsity football.
Lara David
Wide Receiver Braeden McGrady, running the plays with the Varsity Football team at Hayes High School getting ready for the game against Buckeye Valley.

Coach Wetzel along with 7 other coaches for the Varsity Football Team  for Hayes have been getting the football team prepared for one of the biggest games of the year. This huge game is one that gets all the students and teachers excited and pepped up for football games for the rest of the season. 

Hayes High Schools rival team is Buckeye Valley; Buckeye Valley is another school district located in Delaware and right off the bat Hayes have, had a rivalry with them. A student went to the varsity football practice on August 21 and had interviewed the main coach, coach Wetzel. The football team is trying to improve their offensive and defensive lines, but they’re looking very well. 

“Offensively, I think that we’ve looked pretty good in scrimmages,” said Varsity Football Coach Wetzel. “Defensively, we’re trying to plug in some different people in right now, but I think we’re pretty good, pretty healthy right now”. 

One big thing that the football team could run into is a downfall. A downfall would really hurt the football team this year because then the record would go down. They would start losing more often and not be as strong of a team as they were before.

 Losing really brings down players most of the time as well, so if the team starts to be losing a lot then they would start having less faith in themselves. Therefore, they’d not be winning as much.

“Injuries could hurt us,” Wetzel said. “I think anytime football season just cause it is a ten-week season, is not having a flat game… so, if you come out and you’re not prepared and you’re kind of going through the motions, you’ll probably get beat.” Meaning, if you don’t practice enough then you won’t be prepared.

The football teams goal is to get at least one percent better each practice, and running over the motions to get them right. The Hayes Varsity football team is ready for this season, especially for the football game against Buckeye Valley. “Senior leadership is huge,” Wetzel said. “We have a great group of seniors, we have 23 I believe” Senior leadership is the seniors setting a good role-model to other players.