10 Places to Work During the School Year

Jeremiah Hosack, Staff Writer


This list, in no specific order, includes a few places around Delaware that would be great for students attending Hayes this year to work!

#10 – McDonald’s

McDonald’s has several locations in Delaware. The main two are the one on South Sandusky Street and the one on West Central Avenue. It can be a great place to start working throughout the school year especially if you’re looking for a first job to learn skills in the workplace.

Starting Wage: $8.55


#9 – Subway

Subway has four locations in Delaware which are all spread out so no matter where you are it would be a close workplace for you. It can be a great option to start working there throughout the school year. Especially with no job experience it could lead you to learn basic skills in the workplace.

Starting Wage: $8.55


#8 – Kroger

Kroger has two location on opposite sides of town, one being on Houk Road and the other on 23. Many students in the past have worked there or currently work there. A downside and upside to working at Kroger is that they have a union. A union means you have a bargaining unit to help improve fair wages and conditions for employees. Along with this it also means some of your paycheck goes to paying for this.

Starting Wage: $10.00


#7 – Taco Bell

Taco Bell has one location in Delaware and it is 2-3 minutes south of downtown. Taco Bell is another place/option for students to work at. It’s right near Chipotle and Walmart and can be a good location for people to get to and from work depending on where they live.

Starting Wage: $8.55


#6 – Wendy’s

Wendy’s has two locations in Delaware one on South Sandusky and one in the Delaware Community Plaza. Wendy’s is a lot like McDonald’s and Taco Bell because they’re all great starting jobs and can teach you more about the workplace. 

Starting Wage: $8.55


#5 – The Strand

The Strand offers a whole different scene for a returning worker or even a person looking for a first  job. The Strand first opened up in 1916 and has been since operating and offers great skills for the workplace while offering a whole new experience at an old renovated theatre in downtown Delaware.

Starting Wage: $8.55


#4 – Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle came to Delaware a few years ago and is located a couple minutes south of Delaware in the Delaware Community Plaza. Many people from Hayes have worked there and continue to work there. The location and wages make this place a great business to work at.

Starting Wage: $9.50


#3 – Cane’s

Cane’s opened recently on the east side of Delaware near Kohl’s and Meijer. It’s a big hit because of the love from previous locations in Columbus and Powell. It’s fairly new and offers a good place to work for a good pay.

Starting Wage: $10.00


#2 – Walmart

Walmart is located in the Delaware Community Plaza and gives a great place to learn work ethic and skills in the workplace without having to deal with fast-food.

Starting Wage: $10.00


#1 – Starbucks

Starbucks has one store location in Delaware in the Delaware Community Plaza. Starbucks is a few minutes south from downtown which can be a haul to some but it offers good wages along with it. It’s also a good job to have if you want better wages after learning basic skills in the workplace.

Starting Wage: $10.50