Hayes APES aims to make Delaware cleaner


Josie Morrow

APES students work on their Fun Run project during 8th period class.

Amber Carver, Staff Writer

It is no secret that now more than ever, environmental issues are a hot topic. Scientists are taking new and groundbreaking steps to keep the earth healthy. However, one doesn’t need to be a scientist to make a difference.
The AP Environmental Science (APES) classes are working diligently to spread awareness about the unclean water in Delaware, Ohio for their AP with WE projects. They are doing so by organizing their very own Fun Run, as well as an Environment Night at Hayes.
“AP with WE is a chance for AP students to do a take action project where they get to actually use stuff we learned in the classroom to solve an environmental problem,” said Jeff Bakunas, who teaches APES at Hayes.
The fourth period APES class is working on the Environment Night that will be held at Hayes. This will include presentations, baking and many other displays that portray the need to make Delaware’s water cleaner.
The goal is to have people come in and learn about an issue that might be directly affecting them, as well as their community, in a way that is engaging and informative. The goal would be to create what inspires others to take a step in the right direction.
“We are hoping to spread awareness about water disparity in different communities,” said junior Emefa Sallar, who is a part of the team working on the APES Fun Run.
Many areas in rural Ohio are facing exactly that: water disparity. Unfortunately, the problem is nearer than one would like to think. The Olentangy river is one particular area of concern, as indicated by annual water reports.
The eighth period APES class is in charge of the Fun Run portion of the project. This will be a run through Delaware that allows people to come out and show their support for the effort to clean up Delaware’s water.
The goal is to gain some support from local businesses and spread as much awareness for the issue, while getting as many people involved as possible.
“We’re going to focus on doing any cleanup at the end, and possibly any trash that’s leftover that people might not think about often,” said senior Katie Fink, who is a part of the Fun Run team.
The students are in charge of handling all of the various steps that must be taken to make the Environment Night and Fun Run actually happen. This includes making t-shirts, gaining business support, spreading the word on social media and even getting the necessary permits for the Fun Run.
Students in both classes are hoping that by taking part in these projects, they will be able to make a long-lasting difference in their community that will keep Delaware’s water clean and safe for future generations.
“I know on our environmental theme night, we’re inviting a bunch of different environmental groups to come and present there and talk and to see the students, and hopefully we start getting the word out,” Bakunas said.