History teacher Adam Haynes selected to fill vacant City Council position


Sidnee Stanley

Adam Haynes sits at his first city council meeting after being chosen to fill the membership position in February.

Josie Morrow, Views/Entertainment Section Editor

Last month, Adam Haynes, Hayes’ AP Government and Politics and Honors World History teacher, was appointed to fill a vacant city council seat under unique circumstances.
“There were a total of seven candidates that applied for the position, and this was to fill the remainder of former Councilwoman Lisa Keller’s term which expires at the end of this year in November,” Haynes said. “So I applied for the position because serving the public is something that I was always interested in doing.”
Over the past few years, Haynes has become heavily involved in many organizations around Delaware, such as Citizens Academy of Delaware and the Delaware City Educators Association. However, he said he had never expected to take a position in government until years down the road.
“It wasn’t something that was on my radar until probably the end of my teaching career,” Haynes said. “But then when I saw the opening, I was interested that this has a possibility with how my life’s going right now that I could do it. So after talking with my family, I pursued it and explored some things. I did a lot of research and I did a lot of listening before I actually applied for the position.”
Even though Haynes was picked to fill the City Council position for Delaware Second Ward, the term is up for election in November of this year. This means that Haynes will be soon filing to run for election.
“I do think I’m a great candidate in the future, just because of the network that I’m going to set up and the network I already have and that’s going to take place and that I really am working for the best interests of the people,” Haynes said. “Because I think that’s why somebody works in public services to really work for the people’s interests.”
With his position in the City Council already in full spring, Haynes has decided to focus on improving Delaware’s infrastructure as well as acting in accordance with the Delaware Together Comprehensive Plan, which is a playbook of what Delaware wants to do in the next five to ten years.
Furthermore, Haynes said he puts a strong emphasis on being present in his community.
“My short term goal, and long term goal as well, is to listen, because the remainder of this term expires in the fall,” Haynes said. “So my job as a Second Ward representative is to be a liaison to listen to constituent concerns and to bring them forth to council and to the city.”
Haynes, though having a lot of work ahead of him, seems optimistic and passionate about helping his constituents.
“I believe that I was best fit for the position because I’m one that listens,” Haynes said. “I think carefully and reflect before making decisions and I like to have a pragmatic approach to matters.”