Trump running for election again is a good thing

Adi Graham, Staff Writer

Former President Donald Trump has officially announced the start of his 2024 campaign for re-election. Despite a few things against him, his immense strength still thrives. Trump running for president once again might be the best option for the country.
On November 8, 2016, Trump was elected President of the United States. He won more than 2,600 counties nationwide – the most since Ronald Reagan was elected in 1984.
After being impeached twice, publicly humiliated and disrespected, Trump has not once stopped his fight for America. He was the first president elected into office without any military or government experience, but that did not stop him.
Trump was the first president to run the country in a way that was professional, business-like, and beneficial to the economy. From the very start of his presidency, he used his presidential power to criticize the news media and government officials in both political parties.
Trump approached office knowing exactly what needed to be done to change his country for the better. Throughout his presidency, he achieved some of the biggest political and economic victories.
He accomplished the country’s biggest corporate tax cuts on record and the stock market was at some of its highest points, compared to past decades.
Comparingly, since Joe Biden stepped foot in office, tax rates have been at their highest, causing the stock market to plummet from those high trends and inflation to skyrocket.
The Biden administration was a key factor to this so-called “Bidenflation” as Democrats plunged through their $2 trillion partisan Covid stimulus. From this, inflation rose at its fastest rate in over 40 years. This caused inflation to outpace wages, and Americans received the biggest pay cuts in 40 years.
Inflation has reached its highest rates ever measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in 2022, measuring at an increase of 8.6%. In response, the Federal Reserve has tried to lower these rates by continuing to increase interest rates, but has yet to show any progress.
Additionally, after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Biden’s administration decided to close gas lines connected to Russia (one of the biggest gas suppliers to the United States), while supply chains were negatively impacted, which caused prices of nearly all goods to aggressively increase.
As a result, Biden received a significant amount of bipartisan backlash, and now more than 34 million people in the United States cannot afford groceries. This is more than four times the amount of people that could not afford goods in 2021.
During Trump’s presidency, he also invested $2 trillion to completely rebuild the U.S. military in hopes to better protect our country and its citizens. Using money wisely, when the Covid-19 pandemic arose, the Trump Administration enacted the largest package of financial relief in American history.
Although many Democrats disagree with Biden’s presidency, many oppose Trump’s actions as well.
For example, Trump has had many sexual misconduct and rape accusations made against him, starting way before his presidency. However, he has yet to be proven guilty in any of his cases.
Additionally, Biden also has past sexual assault allegations. Sexual assault allegations are horrible to even think about, but when it comes to a professional standpoint, Trump has continuously shown entrepreneurial excellence and has continued to fight for his country.
On the other hand, Biden’s administrative team has continuously shown their cluelessness towards the basics of economics.
Trump is fully aware of how America needs to function, especially to get us out of the big hole that the country is currently in.
During his speech announcing that he will be running for presidency in 2024, he made good, specific points on America’s unity as a country.
“We were a strong nation, and importantly, we were a free nation,” Trump said at his campaign in Palm Beach, Florida. “But now we are a nation in decline.”
Trump clearly represented points and issues on how our country has been in decline through the duration of Biden’s presidency. As well as how he has and will contribute to our country’s strength and freedom.
It will be interesting to see the outcomes of the next general election. Yes, Trump is a great candidate for the presidency, but his ability to be re-elected and competitive spirit will have to be stronger than ever.