Poll reveals students’ opinions on prom 2023

Adisyn Graham, Staff Writer & Photographer

When it comes to prom, many would rather experience a well-decorated and comfortable dance setting, rather than suffer through a cheesy, low-quality decorated gymnasium with students piled on top of each other.
Hayes Student Council students and staff members were in charge of setting up the venue. With 10 seats to each table and numerous groups of close friends, students were able to chat the night away.
Students were asked to fill out a Google form in regards to their experience at prom. Highlights for many of the students included the nice atmosphere, decorations, and the photo booth.
Kiley McCann, a junior-year student council member, enjoyed decorating for the disco-themed event.
“We were at the venue at 10 a.m. decorating for the big night,” McCann said. “That was my favorite part of the entire day, mainly because everyone was so excited to see how everyone was going to walk in.”
One of the most exciting things about prom was getting to see the countless number of statement-worthy dresses and formal outfits.
“I loved seeing the unique dresses and suits, especially all the matching things,” junior Mia Angulo said. “I also really liked figuring out my own look, especially the coordination with my boyfriend.”
Additionally, many of the teachers and supervisors that attended the prom were very pleased with the outcome.
Spanish teacher Paige Hunter said she thought that it was a great experience.
“From a teacher perspective, I loved seeing all of the students dressed up and excited about the theme and decorations,” Hunter said. “It was great to see the efforts of the students on Student Council pay off.”
Although many were satisfied with the outcome of the prom, there were still some flaws that students thought could be improved. After asking many students about what they thought could have been better or could improve for future years, the top answers were in regards to the music and food.
“I would change the music above anything else,” Angulo said. “I felt that it was way too loud, and the music selection was bland but irritating at the same time.”
McCann had similar opinions about the relevancy of the music.
“The [hosts] at the prom didn’t have the energy I think everyone was looking forward to,” McCann said. “A lot of people left at 9:30, as a lot of the songs that were played were really unknown.”
There were also many comments about how the food was disappointing.
“I heard the salad was completely drenched, and the prime rib wasn’t cooked,” McCann said.
Other students also implied that they wished there would have been better food options for vegetarians, and just better food all together.
McCann and others have made steps to discuss ways the food could improve for next year.
“I’ve talked to [Hayes principal Stranges] about this to see if next year we can order something else,” McCann said. After reviewing these responses, the food will definitely be in the discussion for next year’s prom. Other students also offered the idea to scratch food for the event, allowing students to eat what they want before prom, which would also ideally drop the price of the prom tickets.
Outside of the improvements that could be made for years to come, many still managed to make the night one to remember. Overall, 34.5% of students that reviewed prom, rated the night an 8 or 9 out of 10.
“From what I heard, the students had a great time and logistically, everything went smoothly,” Hunter said.
Many agree that prom is something that everyone should experience once in their high school years.
“Even if there are ups and downs of prom, I will always tell people to at least go one year,” McCann said.
For teachers, many enjoyed seeing their students dressed up and out of the classroom setting. Many of the Student Council teacher staff took part in putting prom together in hopes to fulfill students’ expectations for the night.
“I really enjoyed my prom and wanted to help our Hayes students have a similar experience,” Hunter said.
The night definitely had its flaws, but was still a night to remember for lots of students.