Heffner Hecklers form new student section at Hayes

Jeremiah Hosack, Staff Writer

Group photo of members of the Heffner Hecklers
Used with permission Heffner Hecklers
Heffner Hecklers posing for a photo after the girls basketball final home game. Heffner Hecklers look to support sports that don’t get Recognition from the Euclid Entourage.


The Euclid Entourage, also known as the E.E., has been a long-standing student section at Hayes High School. Year after year, leaders have been named by the previous leaders with little to no problems. 

This year, a group of students known as the Heffner Hecklers took action because they felt that the E.E. isn’t living up to the expectations of what a student section should be. The Heffner Hecklers leaders consist of seniors Sam Bonofiglio, Kyle Klumpp, Maris Mukete, Luke Maynard, Aaron Koehler, and Dylan Seiler.

The Heffner Hecklers posted their first tweet on Feb. 4, 2020 announcing their debut at the boys basketball game. Soon after, they began to gain opposition from the E.E.. 

“We wanted to create a student section that helps smaller teams like Girls Basketball, Tennis, and other sports that don’t get students [recognition],” one of the Heffner Hecklers leaders, Kyle Klumpp said.

The Heffner Hecklers are looking to create an experience of a student section for all sports and not just the typical Basketball and Football.

“The E.E. only does boys Basketball and Football,” Heffner Heckler leader Sam Bonofiglio said. ”So they don’t pay attention to the other sports and they aren’t good at [cheering for] those sports that they [do] show up to.”

As the Heffner Hecklers rose to attention at Hayes, many students began to take recognition of them.

Students from Hayes have been tweeting their ‘commitment’ to the Hecklers due to their support of the new student section. Senior Ethan Hazelton started the trend with a tweet about commiting to the Hecklers and many students joined in.

On Feb. 7, the Heffner Hecklers took a big step and made a special night for the girls basketball team for their final home game. They made a jersey themed night and had a student section come out to the game which isn’t the norm for girls basketball. 

“We had three rows for a girls basketball game and we got to do ‘hail Delaware’ which I don’t think they ever got to do before,”  Bonofiglio said.

‘Hail Delaware” is a chant done at both football and boys basketball by student section leaders of the Euclid Entourage. 

The Euclid Entourage feared a takeover of the student section and the Heffner Hecklers wanted a change in how the student section is lead so they decided to meet up at Raising Canes on Feb. 9 to discuss senior night for the boys basketball. 

“We agreed that at the game it won’t be us [Heffner Hecklers] versus them [Euclid Entourage],”  Heffner Heckler leader Luke Maynard said.

During the meeting the Heffner Hecklers made suggestions to the Euclid Entourage on how they can improve the student section. One of the suggestions was holding interviews for the leaders spots of the Euclid Entourage instead of picking the leaders.

The Euclid Entourage decided that they would hold interviews for the Class of 2021 student section leaders after the call for change.

“In the Euclid Entourage a lot of the times it’s just about popularity so they don’t pass it down to people who are actually going to be good student section leaders,” Klumpp said.

The Heffner Hecklers look to improve problems with the student section culture at Hayes as they continue to get support from the student body.

“We started this with a joke intention, but we came to the realization that there is a problem with the E.E.,” Klumpp said. 


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