5 Websites to help Juniors and Seniors for College

Adrianna Gebhart, Website Development Manager

Most Juniors and Seniors go through the process of the college search, and it can sometimes feel overwhelming. So here are some websites to help alleviate some stress.


Common App is where most students go and officially submit their college applications and essays. You’re most likely to use this site for most of your college search.


Naviance is the main hub for college readiness. You can take quizzes to see what kind of career you would most fit into, make lists of you accomplishments throughout high school and put them in resumes, and many more things that can help you in your transition to college.


FastWeb Scholarships is an amazing opportunity for scholarships. New ones come up every day and are waiting for students to apply. Some are very simple ones that can cover the cost of books, and others can be up to a few thousand dollars.


At Hayes High School, we are very lucky to have our own College & Career Counselor, Mrs.Pollard. She is there for students to start taking their college search seriously. You can make appointments and go over the college application process. She also posts scholarships, and some are exclusive to Delaware and Hayes students.


Along with Scholarships, most students apply for Free Application For Student Aid (also known as FAFSA). This is like a pot of free gold. However, once the gold is gone, it’s hard to get any. It is advised to apply within the first couple days of it being opened up.