Best websites to help beat your boredom

Monica Rizzo, Artist

It can be hard to find something to do while stuck in your house all day. These websites, mostly quizzes, will help you to break the monotony of a day in quarantine. 


BuzzFeed Quizzes

You can test your knowledge of all kinds of topics, including K-Pop, Disney, Food, Love, and Trivia!


NERIS Type Explorer

This personality test is based off of the classic Myers Briggs’ test of 16 different personality types. It can help you understand your strengths and weaknesses as well as how you get along with others. 


Animal Planet Pets 101

Learn all about your furry friends and take the “Dog Breed Selector” quiz to find out which type of dog is most compatible to you!



Quizzes on all different topics ranging from geography to pop culture!


Disney LOL

Take a trip down memory lane as you take quizzes about classic Disney Channel shows and movies!


Marie Claire

These quizzes are all about pop culture and current trends!


Psych Central Personality Test

This personality quiz is similar to the NERIS Type Explorer. It is based on the Five Factor Model of Personality and will rank you for different traits.