Some Hayes teachers experience side effects from Covid-19 vaccine


Sophie Hance

Temporary space at CVS for administering the Covid vaccine.

Morgan Johns, Staff Writer

Since the Covid-19 vaccine rolled out across the United States, most teachers at Hayes have recently been able to get their second dose of the vaccine.

After receiving the second dose of the vaccine, some teachers experienced symptoms and others did not.

For French teacher Kimberley Young, she experienced minor symptoms after receiving the vaccine.

“My arm was red and swollen and hot and itchy like an injection site reaction, but I did not experience any Coronavirus symptoms,” Young said.

However, English teacher Tom Hering showed greater symptoms than Young.

“The next day I got a mild fever in the late afternoon and that lasted until about bedtime, and I was feeling pretty worn out,” Hering said.

While some may not experience any symptoms after receiving the vaccine, others may begin to see symptoms appear very shortly after.

Young said that her injection site symptoms began the day after receiving the vaccine and lasted roughly four days.

Hering began feeling symptoms shortly after receiving the vaccine. However, his symptoms only lasted a few days.

There are many common side effects people may experience after receiving the vaccine, including pain, redness and swelling at the injection site. People may also feel symptoms like fatigue, muscle pain, chills, fever, nausea and headache.

If people experience any side effects from the vaccine, there are a few things they can do to help relieve the discomfort.

Young used a few different ways to try to relieve the discomfort she was experiencing.

“I took Benadryl at night, so that relieved the itching. I put a Benadryl spray on it during the day [because] it itched a lot and I also put ice on it to bring the swelling down,” Young said.

She also says that using the ice was able to numb the area so she wasn’t able to feel the itching as much.

The CDC recommends that if there is pain at the injection site to put a cool, wet washcloth over the site and to exercise the arm. If you experience pain from having a fever, drink lots of fluids as well as dressing lightly.

“You may have some side effects. These are normal signs that your body is building protection,” the CDC said on their website. “The side effects from Covid-19 vaccination, such as chills or tiredness, may affect your ability to do daily activities, and they should go away in a few days.”