Student Council amends prom guest policy


Mikalah Kostalas

Students who are attending prom receive the Grecian Gala ticket.

Olivia O'Rourke, Managing Editor

The Hayes student council has been working hard for the past few months to plan prom, and the big day is almost here.
The dance is set for April 22, but preparation started back in January. Organizing an event this big is no easy task.
“It’s a bunch of work,” student council adviser Joanne Meyer said. “There’s a lot that goes into it.”
The student council must work to coordinate with the venue to pick menu options, plan decorations and activities, and so much more.
On top of planning with the venue, there is a lot that has to happen on the school front.
The council must design tickets and a system to sell them, put up flyers, and make announcements to the student body.
The group has a system in order to make the process as efficient as possible.
“We split into committees between the decorating committee, the activities committee,
the tickets committee,” student council member Cassie Klumpp said. “So a lot has gone into planning that.”
A few other challenges also added to the difficulty of planning the dance.
Originally, a decision was made to not allow students to bring guests that do not go to Hayes. This was due to high Covid-19 numbers, but after those numbers started to decline, there was still concern about the capacity of the venue.
“There’s about 800 juniors and seniors, and at our venue only 500 people can come, so they wanted to ensure that all of those people would be able to get tickets,” Klumpp said.
Though the news was upsetting and a cause for controversy among students, there was a thought out reason behind it.
“I think honestly, even being in student council, because my boyfriend does go to a different school, when they first came out with the guests policy, I didn’t really agree with it because I didn’t really understand,” Klumpp said. “But after talking to them, they kind of shared their reasoning towards it and I understood.”
Fortunately, however, students on the council were able to come up with a compromise.
This new policy allowed tickets to be sold to only Hayes students up until a certain date, and after that, ticket sales opened up for outside guests.
“The thought process was to at least have an opportunity so that all the juniors and seniors had a time period to be able to buy to give them the opportunity first,” Meyer said.
Klumpp says she is happy with the decision.
“I think the compromise was really fair, just to ensure that the kids who actually go here can come first,” she said.
Other students seem to hold the same opinion as well.
“It just comes down to the numbers, so I think it’s fair,” junior Anna Fenton said. “It would
be nice to go with my boyfriend, but I also don’t mind just going with a group of friends.”
Given the recent state of the world, the dance is now a cause of excitement for students.
“I think it will be a great environment because we haven’t had a real event like this in a long time so it’ll be a great time to just have fun,” Fenton said.
At the end of the day, everybody just wants to have a good time.
“We really want to make it super memorable for juniors and seniors,” Klumpp said.