Transition students join Delhi yearbook staff

Jordyn Love, Editor-in-Chief

This year, four transition students have joined the Delhi yearbook staff.

It is not new for transition students to take elective classes, especially ones where they create. In the past, they’ve been enrolled in D-Town Video Production and Communication, Ceramics, along with classes like yoga.

However, the transition students’ presence is a new addition to the Delhi yearbook staff.

In hopes to grow community, Seniors Bailey Graham and Nathalie Young, along with Junior Katie Godfrey and Sophomore Robbie Wittig are welcomed to the the Delhi staff.


Nathalie young sits with Gracie Phillips and Maddie Kaasa around a laptop.
Senior Nathalie Young follows along as her classmates make decisions on their assignment. Along with Delhi, Young is also part of D-Town Video Production and Communication as one of her additional electives.
Robbie Wittig watches his latop as Ally Sparks stands over him.
Junior Ally Sparks helps sophomore Robbie Wittig work on the yearbook assignment. Sparks was on the yearbook staff last year as well.
Ally Sparks stands between Robbie Wittig and Katie Godfrey. She's watching Godfrey's laptop screen.
Sophomore Robbie Wittig works on his yearbook assignment as junior Ally Sparks assists him and junior Katie Godfrey. Both Wittig and Godfrey are students in the transition room and spend their first period in Delhi.
Katie Godfrey looking at her laptop screen.
Junior Katie Godfrey focuses on the assignment on her laptop screen. The students are all working on assignments explaining themselves.
Bailey Graham looking at her laptop while wearing headphones.
Senior Bailey Graham works on her yearbook assignment by herself. As with the rest of the transition room students in Delhi, this is her first year as a yearbook staff member.